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Rondo blows off game and majority of Boston media refuses to report it.

Rondo doesn’t show up for a game

Don’t go to ESPN Boston to find this information. It wasn’t news to them. Boston.com ? Nope they didn’t report it either. Apparently a player NOT showing up for a game isn’t big news to the media or news at all.

Rajon Rondo played in a game vs the Lakers and then didn’t show up to play the Kings the next night.

He never had permission to skip the game ( He doesn’t play in back to back games) and apparently is such a big part of the team that no one realized he wasn’t on the plane ride to Sacramento oh and to top this all off, Danny Ainge doesn’t care. Its not a big deal. They might talk to him.

I am going to try this tomorrow at work and see if I still have a job. When my boss calls me I am going to say, well I didn’t plan on doing any work anyway so I just stayed home and see if that fly’s.

The Whiny Boston media had a huge issues with Tim Thomas skipping a visit to the White House because the state is full of Liberal nut cases who like giving all their tax money to illegal aliens and lazy fat people who refuse to get a job but when the spoiled millionaire decides not to show up for work that doesn’t even get a mention?


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It’s not even happy leap year day.

Two great days in a row? I love 2012.

Here is Danny Ainge’s most recent lie about trying to trade Rondo.

“I’ve made zero calls to try to trade him, and I won’t.”

Here is what he said in 2003 when he was “actively” not trading Antoine Walker.

” I will never make a phone call in that regard”

By the way he also made a comment like this in 2003 and 2004 when the Pierce trade rumors were starting.

Ainge went on to note that another team could always bowl over the Celtics with an offer to obtain Rondo’s services and admitted he couldn’t turn down one that made the Celtics better, but concluded, “I’ve made zero calls to try to trade him, and I won’t.”

He’s recycling old quotes. LOVING THIS.

Another favorite comment of mine is this by the idiot coach (I now refuse to call him Doc. What a joke of a nickname that is.

“My relationship with Rajon is as strong as it has ever been,”


Notice how the so called GM of another team says Ainge hasn’t called him in months.lol He doesn’t say he hasn’t talked to Ainge. He just says that Ainge hasn’t called him.

How does Pierce feel knowing Ainge and Doc think Rondo is the teams best player.

Here is the whole article. Gotta love damage control


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Danny Ainge needs to officially change his name to Liar

I would hate for Chris Paul to be traded to Boston. God shoot me now if the evil green team actually get him but this whole situation is giving me goose bumps. I feel like I have been here before. Oh wait I have.

I don’t have the stomach to go search for articles (except this one) and post links so I will just tell you what is going on.

Danny Ainge has been trying to trade Rajon Rondo to the Hornets for Chris Paul but they refused to do it unless Paul signed a contract extension. Paul told them NO WAY I will not re-sign in Boston. So the trade was off.

Turns out Rajon is REALLY mad that the Celtics have been shopping him so after Paul said he would not re-sign here Danny Ainge went into panic mode and was on every news and TV station telling the world he would not trade Rondo and that they want him here forever.

HA, Hold the telephone bat man now the Celtics are saying that Chris Paul does not need to sign a contract extension and they will still do the trade.

This is CLASSIC Ainge. He lies to the players face, the fans. He lies to everyone and then he does the opposite. Here’s the kicker now the Celtics fans hate Rondo. They say he has a bad attitude. That he needs to change and that they want Chris Paul.

Chris Paul is a great player and I would hate to have him here even for one season so I can’t wish for this trade to happen but if it does this is CLASSIC Boston since the douche bag was hired.

WHERE IS KARMA. Karma would be for Paul to go to the Lakers haha. Actually as much as I DON’T want this to happen , karma would be for Paul to be traded to Boston where he would get injured and not play a single game. Then he would go sign with the Knicks and lead them to a NBA championship. You see we hate NY here in Boston so maybe karma would have him sign in LA and win a title. Yep I like that better.

Here is what could happen. The evil team gets Paul (nooooo) They trade him for Rondo. NOTHING good happens, he either gets hurt or sucks or whatever then the Celtics have traded away their only young piece of talent (even if he is overrated) then Danny Ainge see’s that he has given away the youth and he quits and leaves the Celtics in shambles. Where they suck for years and years and we have a new curse, the curse of Danny Ainge hence proving me right:)

Wyc Grousbeck you so deserve to have NOTHING for what you did in 2003 and how you have acted since then. Only problem is Danny Ainge still gets to be happy. If anyone deserves pure hell it is Ainge.


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I can finally say something nice about our President Obama

He jinxed Rondo. It took 3 years but I finally have something positive to say about this socialist.


Seriously though this just proves me right again about Rondo. He is a product of his team. When the old 3 retire he is going to be just another player. Just like Kendrick Perkins was last year.


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Rajon Rondo is a liar

He was about to be cut, saw the writing on the wall and quit before he could be cut. Yet he really thinks anyone believes this?

Now he is trying to say that he quit because he wants to win a title. What a joke.

How much more proof do you need that Rajon Rondo is a product of who he plays with and not talent? Kevin Durant is a great player but he is young and the US did not get the crap calls that the Celtics wanna be big 3 get on a daily basis in the NBA.

Rondo is just another overrated piece of garbage playing in teh NBA today who happened to get lucky he wasn’t traded to with Al Jefferson to Minny for Garnett.

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Way to re-write history there Damon

Here is a link to the first stupid article I have read about Johnny Damon being picked up on waivers by the Red Sox. Don’t worry though people because it won’t be the last article to totally try and re-write history and somehow make Johnny Damon an innocent victim in all of went on here back in 2006.

First lets start with the booing. You sell the red sox out and become a Yankee you will get booed. It doesn’t matter if your name is Alan Embree, Mark Bellhorn or Judas Johnny Damon.

Second Johnny had a great game 7 of the ALCS but people seem to forget that he was a big reason the team was in a 3 game whole. Before the grand slam and home run Damon was 3 for 29.

Third the Sox DID NOT screw Damon. That is a false attack Damon made up in his big fat ego maniac head. The red sox offered Damon a 3 or 4 year deal at 10 million a year and Damon said it wasn’t enough. Then he went to the Yankees. The Yankees made him a slightly better deal and told him except the deal now and don’t go back to the Sox and that is what he did. Damon never came back with a counter offer.

NO ONE treated Pedro badly when he left. Or Manny for that matter. Pedro threw out the first picth on opening day so if he was treated badly on the way out it was news to him. Manny tried to beat up the traveling secretary and that is the last thing in a list of things he did while he played here that finally got him traded out of town. The funniest remark was that we treated Kevin Millar badly. Wow now that is hilarious. We can’t get rid of Millar. He was on our preview show the other day. He is the only player not from the Sox to have a song played for him before each at bat when he played for the Orioles.lol Whatever Damon.

I am one of the people that firmly believes that the Sox did not want Damon but picked him up to prevent some other team from getting him. If you really think Johnny Damon is an improvemnt over the kids we have out there now you are brain dead. I would much rather have Mcdonald, Nava, Kalish and Bill Hall out there then Damon. ALL of them have a better arm and each one has contributed big time to the Sox in one way or another. Damon would be no improvement.

It’s kind of hard to take writers like the idiot that wrote the above article seriously when they make comments like ” Johnny was booed when he came back as a Tiger” when the facts do not support that argument. If the writer has done his re-search he would realize Damon faked an injury when he came back to town and didn’t play.

Johnny has no right to act hurt that he got booed and the things he has said since this waiver wire happened have been down right strange. He has contridicted himself ten million times.

I could not find a single fan that wanted Damon back in Boston. NOT ONE friend of mine or casual conversation could even believe we were trying to get him back. Just because Jason Varitek wanted him back doesn’t mean us fans are ready to forgive Damon for the things he has said and done and lied about since he left. If he thinks he had it bad as a Yankee just wait till next year Damon. It’s going to be ten million times worse.

Damon stayed in Detroit because he is afraid Yankee fans will boo him if he comes back and right now that is the only ex team Damon has that actually thinks of him in a positive light.

I like the Tigers. They WERE my second fave team in the AL before they got Damon but if they believe the fairy tale he fed them about wanting to be a tiger for life then they are in serious need of help. If any team offers Damon more money he will be gone in a flash because all the BS he fed you over the last 2 days he fed us 4 years ago. We were smart enough to know better. Are you?

In other news Rajon Rondo dropped himself off the US team for the World Championships BEFORE he was going to be dropped. I said it before I’ll say it again Rajon Rondo’s career is because of the big 3 not because he has any talent. It’s easy for him to shoot when he is a forth option. Unless you are going to claim playing with Chauncy Billups as the same as playing with Garnett I rest my case:)

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What it means to be a Celtic? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? lol

Rajon Rondo was given the team’s Red Auerbach Award before the game for a player who exemplifies what it means to be a true Celtic.

When the laughs rain in Boston it pours.

So this is what it means to be a true Celtic? Rajon Rondo exemplifies what Red Auberach thought to be a true Celtic? Are you seriously kidding me?

Rondo winning this award for what it means to be a Celtic today makes sense. (Selfish jackass that only cares about what he wants instead of what is best for the team) if he won this award for what it used to be about then the Celtics are an even bigger joke then I thought.

The same Rajon Rondo that refused to listen to Doc Rivers in the playoffs last year and cost them a chance at beating Orlando? He wasn’t fined or suspended for this he was given a multiple million dollar contract as a reward.

The same Rajon Rondo that brought personal problems in the organization into the public eye by whining to the media that his team was selfish (him included I might add)? yep sounds like something Larry Bird would do.

Give me a break. Who voted for this award anyway? The same fans BOOING the team tonight?

Larry Bird would have called out his teammates but he would have done it to the benefit of the team NOT to the benefit of what Rondo wants. More praise for himself. Larry calling out the team would have had them on a seven game winning streak by now not losing 5 out of 7.

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