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I was right:)

Funny Picture

I am so giddy right now I just want to gloat. Gloat, gloat, gloat:P


Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett and his no trade clause have been traded to the NJ Nets for Kim Kardashian’s ex, 30 million dollars and a bunch of draft picks in (14, 16 and 18)

Never been a Pierce fan but what I find the best about all of this is the last hour or two this has been officially unofficial Kevin Garnett was trending on twitter but Pierce wasn’t:)


So beloved.


Oh and even better is the fact that no one is disgusted at this trade because the Celtics traded Pierce to the Nets to play for Jason Kidd.


Not a single person I talked to knows why this should disgust REAL Celtics fans. This pretty much proves that when I call all Celtics fans bandwagon I have proof now they are.

No one remembers before 2008 because none of these people WATCHED THE TEAM.

So if ANYONE can tell me why seeing Pierce in a Nets shirt being coached by JASON FUCKING KIDD should make every Celtic fan want to go slap Danny Ainge in the face I’ll give you a, well I’ll give you nothing. I just want someone to fucking understand why it is this should make your skin crawl?

Someone has to be a real fan of this team? ANYONE? The idiots on twitter don’t understand.

Did I mention I was right? 🙂

You’re still here. Oh you’re waiting to find out why this should make you ill. Well to bad. If you were a real Celtic fan you would know why this should piss you off and WTF I am talking about. Go look it up.



I said it years ago and was mocked. I was right:)


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Hey Paul Pierce. There’s no “I” in team

I should have waited a day to write my 500th blog because this blog would have been classic FDA. It would have been why this blog was created. It all would have come full circle.

The Celtics won like 5 games in a row. Then they lost (Thanks Cavs) and this is when Paul Pierce decided to whine about his playing time. It’s always ALL about Paul.

I seriously hate this kid. He has always been the most selfish jerk known to man kind and yet because he gets a free pass from the refs no one ever calls him out when he acts like this.

It’s not even close to being the free pass Brady gets when he plays like crap because Brady is like an icon here in Boston. I know I sound like a broken record but Brady is white so when you are white and you win multiple titles in this town you get a free pass for life. Like Larry Bird.

Pierce is a whole different story. No matter what he does or how he acts he has always been free from any kind of media backlash. A lot of that had to do with Antoine Walker being in town at the time. Antoine was always blamed for everything (Bob Ryan started that) but Paul has always acted entitled and has always been selfish and still no backlash. It’s crazy.

Sorry I tend to talk this subject to death when it becomes a conversation. People usually just know to let me rant and eventually I shut up… until the next time I think about it.

Where was I? I don’t know just read the article where Paul uses the word I about a million times. Where the writer says

In a way, it was refreshing to see this sort of emotional outburst

Do you know what the media would have said if David Ortiz whined like this after a loss and only cared about his playing time? I can tell you how they would act. It just happened when Papi complained about a hit he wasn’t given and he interrupted Francona’s press conference.

This love fest for Pierce happened before they were gifted a title so it hasn’t nothing to do with him showing up at the end to claim all the glory. After all this is exactly what Paul Pierce has always done.

The rest of this article is hilarious too. Doc Rivers blames the refs because all calls should go in the Celtics favor. ROLLING EYES.

NO ONE gets more of a free pass from the refs like Paul Pierce and company yet they still whine when they lose. Of course Doc doesn’t mention the calls Cleveland didn’t get.

Even when the writer calls out Pierce for his sloppy play he makes an excuse for him

will probably realize that he was upset because he was part of the problem. (There’s no shame in that considering he chipped in 18 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists over 35 minutes — the big blemish on his stat line was seven turnovers.)

The NBA created this monster when they let Pierce get away with anything he wanted on the court. Then they blew this problem up to the size of the Empire State Building when they gave them a title to make the Celtics relevent again. They only have themselves to blame but it’s the NBA world that suffers.

Time to fix that David Stern.


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I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I,

I once wrote a blog about Paul Pierce’s ego and I counted how many times he used the word “I” in a article.

We have another one of those articles here tonight.

Read this article and count how many times Pierce’s uses the word “I”

Read where he talks about how a lot of people in the league respect him and call him up and tell him how wonderful he is. Then when you get off the floor from laughing at just how moronic this guy is tell me how much the NBA is missed?

Paul Pierce is a perfect example of why no one cares that the NBA is not playing.

This reminds me of another blog I meant to write. I needed to start it soon.

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The NBA is fixed

There are two players in the NBA right now that are 100% NBA created. Do I even have to tell you who they are?

Cough, You can go to the line. Cough again. To the line again. Cough you missed a shot, Have some more free points AT THE FREE THROW LINE. It’s disgusting.

So I am watching the NBA game that is on tonight and Dirk must have the flu because he is 22 for 22 (so far) at the line. No one on his team has been to the line more then 3 times but Dirk, he has been to the line 22 TIMES

He just beat a record for most makes in a row at the free throw line. ANY GUESSES who he just beat? The previous record belonged to none other then Paul Pierce.

The ratings for the NBA are slightly up from last year which is good news for Celtics and Laker haters because it means the NBA has found a way to have a successful playoffs without fixing it for one of those teams.

Guess who is at the line again as I write this. 24 for 24

The NBA makes it look like they are being fair because Oklahoma has taken more free throws but as I have sat here the last 5 minutes Dirk has been to the line 4 times and Oklahoma. once.

How is it even possible to shoot 12 for 15 and get to the line 24 times.lol

Looks like the NBA is trying to make up for 2006 and are on their way to handing the Dallas Mavericks a title they screwed up themselves in 06.

NO one is whining about Dirk getting to the line every time he touches the ball. When Wade got this type of treatment from the NBA everyone in Dallas whined like the bunch of bandwagon fans they are. The hypocrites. That is my new name for Dallas fans.


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Celtics too cocky to fight for second best record

The Celtics lost to the Wizards tonight and after I was done laughing at the thought of Paul Pierce throwing gang signals from the hood at John Wall because he was out playing him I checked in to find that Paul wasn’t even playing. Neither was Allen or KG or that other guy who lives off those 3.

Doc Rivers decided to sit down his so called “Hall of Famers” to rest. Or in other words he sat down his so called ” Hall of Famers” because he doesn’t think he needs the home court to come out of the East.

So instead of playing the Sixers the evil green team will be playing the Knicks.

Make no mistake about it the same David Stern that needed the Boston fan base and their money to be successful in 2008 will now be playing the same game with the NY fan base and their money.

The Bulls may be overrated and the Heat may be a crap shoot but both teams are better then they were last year. There shouldn’t be a free pass to the finals like there was last year. I can only hope I am right:)

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Hey Paul Pierce. Hope you stayed home:)

At least BU lost to a number 1 seed. Too bad you can’t say the same PAUL PIERCE


Kansas you suck and so do you Paul Mildred Pierce

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Kareem Garcia changes name to Kendrick Perkins

Every time a Celtic players speaks I can hear everyone outside of New England yawning.

“Not again. These idiots think because their teams won titles 2 plus years ago they are better then everyone else. They act like Yankee fans.”

So today when I read the ignorant comments by Kareem Garcia I mean Kendrick Perkins
I had to roll my eyes and say the same thing. Boston has become spoiled. Red Sox players do not act like this. They never say anything that doesn’t sound like it was written by a professional public relations expert. The Patriots players are the same way. The Bruins don’t really say much but the Celtics give our state a bad reputation. From Danny Ainge sitting behind the free throw line and waving a towel to make a player miss a foul shot or Doc Rivers running his mouth that the refs are at fault for every loss in the playoffs this has to stop.

I hate Paul Pierce but when he runs his mouth at least he has a career to hold him up. Kendrick Perkins is a bench warmer. Someone the team has not missed at all this year. They still have the best record in the Eastern Conference and Perkins hasn’t played all season long so when he runs his mouth it just sounds stupid.

Oh this blog makes very little sense. I am in the middle of wathcing TV and frankly life sucks. I’ve dealt with it.

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