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I bet you feel stupid now don’t you Youkilis fans????

It’s official pending a physical, Youkilis has decided to become a Yankee. Color me shocked, NOT.

I told you he was finishing his charity events in Boston and then would sign with the Yankees and the second he left Boston, using all of you to make money for his charity and his so called good name he ran straight to the evil empire.

I hate the guy. I always have and I always will so for me this just gives me another reason to call him names but everyone of you that made excuses for him through the years every time he did or said something stupid. YOU ARE GETTING WHAT YOU DESERVE. I hope you feel betrayed, you should. I hope you feel stupid when you cheered him last year while he blowed kisses at you and pounded his heart like you meant something to him because this signing with NY proves he never meant a word of what he said.

I don’t know why him signing with the Yankees pisses me off so much but I think it has something to do with my blind love of the 2004 team and somewhat the 2007 team and how the mighty have fallen, especially that 2004 team.

Doug Mientkiewicz (OMG I had to look up how to spell that.) Mark Bellhorn, Johnny Damon, Alan Embree, Mike Meyers even Derek Lowe, none of them understood what it meant to us fans to break that curse. They couldn’t wait to go play for New York and jumped at the first chance they got. They didn’t care what we as fans had gone through the last 86 years, they only cared about playing for the Yankees. You can add the name Kevin Youkilis to that list.

Funny how Yankee players never seem to come to Boston. At least not the big names. Mariano Rivera gave respect for our interest last year but said no. He never even thought about it but Johnny Damon, Kevin Youkilis. Nope they just never cared about playing for the Red Sox. It meant NOTHING to them.

David Ortiz might not have been a Yankee but when he told ESPN last year he wanted to go to the Yankees because he was sick of all the drama, that was the beginning of the end for me. Everything he has done for this city, this team and even things he has said have all been erased because I know now he never meant a word of what he said. It was all a lie.


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Youkilis hates you Red Sox Nation

Have you ever wondered what baseball players really think about the places they play in when the media is not around? When they are sitting around the dinner table talking to their uncle and whining like a two year old that can’t have a cookie?

Wonder no longer because Kevin Youkilis’s uncle will tell you exactly how much Kevin hated playing in Boston.

Kevin always wanted to be a Yankee. He thinks there is too much drama in Boston. Yep cuz there is never any drama in New York (rolling eyes)

I hope the Patriots lose tonight so I can blame Kevin Youkilis being at the game for the loss. It’s all Youkilis’s fault from here on in:)

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An open letter to Kevin Youkilis

Dear Kevin,

Don’t do it Kevin. Don’t become a Yankee. Don’t ruin your legacy here in Boston for a one year deal with the evil empire. Don’t become just another member of the Yankees that no one will remember by the time all is said and done. Don’t become Johnny Damon. Don’t become Derek Lowe (oh how it pains me to say that) Don’t become Doug Mientkiewicz. Don’t become Alan Embree. Don;’t become Mark, Bellhop? Bellhorned? I don’t even remember his name anymore.

The fans in Boston have cheered you through the good and the bad. They have always supported you even when you made stupid comments and insulted them. They deserve better than you becoming a Yankee.

I could care less if you go to NY. If you do end up there it will provide me with years of funny hate blogs and the nicknames, oh the nicknames I could think of to call your fat ass in pinstripes but this is about me, this is about you, your legacy and your fans.

You know that charity event you just had in Boston. Its won’t happen again. NY won’t give a crap about you in a year when A-Fraud comes back and your legacy will have no place to call home. You will be dead to Boston and you will only have your self to blame.

Think about the children Youk. Think about Youks kids. Think about TooSoxy. She came out of hibernation just to write about you.

Its up to you Kevin. Your choices are simple, go to NY and be the man time forgot or go any where but NY and be the guy throwing out the first pitch at Fenway when your old and grey, bald-er cheered wildly by the fans that always had your back because become a Yankee and you can NEVER come back to Boston. I’ll make sure of that.



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Kevin Youkilis


The new Johnny Damon. I was all set to give a fond fair well until I read hbis comments about “proving people wrong” Same old Kevin Youkilis, asshole.

Guess who has a game against the white sox after the all star break:)

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I root for the shirt


I know how Boston fans think and sadly they will find a way to support Kevin Youkilis but I am not your average fan.

You see I root for the name on the front of the shirt, not the name on the back and apparently a whole lot of people I know seem to have forgotten what we went through last year.

While the players were called out in the media that is nothing what we as fans went through. You were back in Texas Josh Beckett living with your new baby and wife that you dumped your longtime girlfriend for while I was dealing with Yankee fans mocking you to the hilt.

While you Youkilis were stalking Benedict Arnold’s sister for a date I was defending you even though I honestly should not have been.

And you perfect Dustin Pedroia, well while you were off running your mouth about how much better you are than everyone else in Arizona I was waking up in the middle of the night for TWO STRAIGHT MONTHS thanks to your choking.

I was talking to my friend the other day about Youkilis and we both came to the same conclusion as Bobby Valentine. His head does not look like it is in the game so how is it that I can see this, Bobby can see this but no one else can?

“I know he plays as hard as anybody I’ve ever seen in my life. I have his back and his teammates have his back,” Dustin Pedroia said. “I really don’t know what Bobby’s trying to do, but that’s not the way we go about our stuff around here. He’ll figure that out. The whole team is behind Youk.”

Oh and Dustin Pedroia your comments are exactly why this town is fed up with this team. Your comments are exactly why Terry Francona doesn’t have a job anymore (partially anyway) “This whole team has his back” means, we are not going to listen to our manager because hell, we are the stars of this team. People come to this game to see us and there is no way in hell we are going to do what you want. Well if the rest of this team feels the same way you do Pedroia I am with my sister. It’s time to scrap this team and start over.

If you don’t have a problem with the words, but that’s not the way we go about our stuff around here. He’ll figure that out. Then you are rooting for the wrong team. The team you want to root for plays in NY.


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More fun articles about the Sox

An un-named player defends the players in this article.

Kevin Youkilis defends himself in this article.

So much fun.

Youkilis didn’t deny he was an asshole but he instead tried to say Mcmullen doesn’t come around enough to know anything. I HATE Jackie Mcmullen but I don’t like Youkilis either so it’s like who do you believe? Neither has any street cred with me.

I do know the stuff about Youkilis not liking Jacoby came out a long time ago when Yoouk said he would be there if he was injured.

I do love how Youkilis dances around the locker of beer.lol

Youkilis sure likes to talk. And talk and talk and….

Gorden Edes wants to know what we would do

My answers, Keep Papi. Good riddance Papelbon, Keep Scuturo ( i like him), Bye Tek, okay maybe as a back up we can keep to get him. Hell hire him as a manager. Keep Wakefield as a 5th starter, So long Miller, Drew, Wheeler, Jackson and Bedard.

Bye Beckett,Dice, Lackey and Jenks, (Trade them) Shocking Lauren I say keep Youkilis unless he really is a trouble maker. Give Crawford another year to get used to us. I like Jed as a back up and last but not least Salty. I am indifferent. He is okay but we need a real catcher. If we can get a real catcher than so long hot salty.

So much drama.

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Go to hell Baltimore Orioles

Kevin Gregg was just interviewed on NESN and he whined that his team has every right to pitch inside. Further proving he is a complete idiot. Ortiz was not mad he threw inside loser. He was pissed you tried to throw at him 3 times.

Jim Rice just said the same thing I did about the guy at third (Reddick) being thrown out because he left the base to join a fight. It made no sense.

Gregg sounded like an idiot.

Youkilis has been added to the All Star team.

ESPN just blamed us again. Ortiz lost his cool for a reason you stupid network.

Baltimore’s catcher should have been thrown out of this game. He threw a punch.

Kevin Gregg is a nobody. He’s Kareem Garcia.

“They are going to whine and complain because they think they are better then everyone else. We have every right to be here” Is he F’in kidding me?

Kevin Gregg is a clueless monkey. Send him back to the zoo.

Beckett was pissed after game. I love when Beckett is pissed. ESPN says the Sox players were watching Gregg’s comments. Salty walked away shaking his head. Papelbon laughed “what do we have to whine about”

Again I am going to point out, The Sox were NOT mad you threw inside you stupid Zoo yard animal. They were pissed you were THROWING AT ORTIZ! Is he really that stupid?

Lackey pitches tomorrow night. He better throw at someone or I’ll be pissed.

Gregg the monkey makes 5 million a year and is an ex ANgel. Why doesn’t he just admit he hates us already because we owned his team when he was an Angel.

Go to hell Baltimore Orioles and ESPN you can go there too. I wrote below that the Sox always get labeled the bad guys when crap like this happens and ESPN news just did that. No Ortiz was going to first when the pitcher ran HIS mouth. Ortiz only said something after that.

I wanted to watch Torchwood tonight. I have been looking forward to it for months and at the exact time I was about to put the show on the stupid pathetic loser Baltimore Orioles decided to try and throw at David Ortiz. They are so pathetic they couldn’t even complete their mission.

(Kevin Gregg is the pitcher)

They attempted to throw at him 3 times barely missing all 3 times. Ortiz was fed up and he went towards the mound. Both Papi and the idiot pitcher were warned. Ortiz popped out at the next pitch and the idiot pitcher started yelling at him. He was then thrown out of the game and Ortiz charged the mound.

The benches cleared, punches were thrown but none connected and the guy we had at third was called out because he left the base to help his teammates. I am so annoyed I don’t even remember who was at third but I never remember a guy being called out before for leaving a base during a fight. Another call that only gets called against the Red Sox.

I was at a game a few years ago when Derek Lowe was pitching and Baltimore pulled this same shit.

Look Baltimore we are sorry (not) that your baseball team is a pathetic sorry excuse for a professional baseball team but stop trying to take it out on us.

We are sorry (not) that your manager is so desperate for attention he feels the need to run his mouth instead of manage your team.

It isn’t our fault you lost 10 out of 11 games. Okay so it is our fault you lost the last 2 games but get over it.

If we were running up the score I might understand this but we weren’t.

We of course will get blamed for this. Just wait.


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