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Rondo blows off game and majority of Boston media refuses to report it.

Rondo doesn’t show up for a game

Don’t go to ESPN Boston to find this information. It wasn’t news to them. Boston.com ? Nope they didn’t report it either. Apparently a player NOT showing up for a game isn’t big news to the media or news at all.

Rajon Rondo played in a game vs the Lakers and then didn’t show up to play the Kings the next night.

He never had permission to skip the game ( He doesn’t play in back to back games) and apparently is such a big part of the team that no one realized he wasn’t on the plane ride to Sacramento oh and to top this all off, Danny Ainge doesn’t care. Its not a big deal. They might talk to him.

I am going to try this tomorrow at work and see if I still have a job. When my boss calls me I am going to say, well I didn’t plan on doing any work anyway so I just stayed home and see if that fly’s.

The Whiny Boston media had a huge issues with Tim Thomas skipping a visit to the White House because the state is full of Liberal nut cases who like giving all their tax money to illegal aliens and lazy fat people who refuse to get a job but when the spoiled millionaire decides not to show up for work that doesn’t even get a mention?


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I was right:)

Funny Picture

I am so giddy right now I just want to gloat. Gloat, gloat, gloat:P


Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett and his no trade clause have been traded to the NJ Nets for Kim Kardashian’s ex, 30 million dollars and a bunch of draft picks in (14, 16 and 18)

Never been a Pierce fan but what I find the best about all of this is the last hour or two this has been officially unofficial Kevin Garnett was trending on twitter but Pierce wasn’t:)


So beloved.


Oh and even better is the fact that no one is disgusted at this trade because the Celtics traded Pierce to the Nets to play for Jason Kidd.


Not a single person I talked to knows why this should disgust REAL Celtics fans. This pretty much proves that when I call all Celtics fans bandwagon I have proof now they are.

No one remembers before 2008 because none of these people WATCHED THE TEAM.

So if ANYONE can tell me why seeing Pierce in a Nets shirt being coached by JASON FUCKING KIDD should make every Celtic fan want to go slap Danny Ainge in the face I’ll give you a, well I’ll give you nothing. I just want someone to fucking understand why it is this should make your skin crawl?

Someone has to be a real fan of this team? ANYONE? The idiots on twitter don’t understand.

Did I mention I was right? 🙂

You’re still here. Oh you’re waiting to find out why this should make you ill. Well to bad. If you were a real Celtic fan you would know why this should piss you off and WTF I am talking about. Go look it up.



I said it years ago and was mocked. I was right:)

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It’s not even happy leap year day.

Two great days in a row? I love 2012.

Here is Danny Ainge’s most recent lie about trying to trade Rondo.

“I’ve made zero calls to try to trade him, and I won’t.”

Here is what he said in 2003 when he was “actively” not trading Antoine Walker.

” I will never make a phone call in that regard”

By the way he also made a comment like this in 2003 and 2004 when the Pierce trade rumors were starting.

Ainge went on to note that another team could always bowl over the Celtics with an offer to obtain Rondo’s services and admitted he couldn’t turn down one that made the Celtics better, but concluded, “I’ve made zero calls to try to trade him, and I won’t.”

He’s recycling old quotes. LOVING THIS.

Another favorite comment of mine is this by the idiot coach (I now refuse to call him Doc. What a joke of a nickname that is.

“My relationship with Rajon is as strong as it has ever been,”


Notice how the so called GM of another team says Ainge hasn’t called him in months.lol He doesn’t say he hasn’t talked to Ainge. He just says that Ainge hasn’t called him.

How does Pierce feel knowing Ainge and Doc think Rondo is the teams best player.

Here is the whole article. Gotta love damage control


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Sox- ins again

As I sat through the marathon Red Sox game today calling everyone useless my heart was thinking of the Bruins.

There were no nerves on night one but night two I have a barrel full of nerves inside my belly and some of that can be linked to the idiot umpire at home plate during the Sox game.

I guess I should be happy we won this game but I am not. Wasting a 4 run lead in the 9th to a team that can’t hit is pathetic. The way that idiot umpire called the game in the 9th was down right stupid.

I hate to agree with Papelbon but he was right. After the idiot umpire called strikes , balls Papelbon blew up when he called a clear ball a strike. Hilarious that the player is bitching when the call went in his favor but he was right. The umpire made no sense.

Anyone else find it stupid that Joe Torre is in charge of on field disagreements with umpires? He should not be allowed to decide the fate of the Yankees or Red Sox. PERIOD. He is never going to give the Sox a fair shake and just like all these umpires from NY they will get everything in their favor.

Tek getting mad is something we never see. It is crazy to watch.


The Bruins are tied at 0 again in the first period. I need a drink.

I spoke too soon. fuCanada just went ahead.


This is crazy. It’s like there is some invisible something or other keeping the Bruins from scoring. The fuCanucks goalie is like the size of the goal and nothing goes through.

The Bruins are being very aggressive and something (say mean God as an example) is just making sure they can’t win this.

Yep I know who to blame. The man who shall remain nameless (hint he can’t read between these curvy things)

I LOVE YOU LUCIC:) Tied at one. Breathing. Still time to measure that damn goalie equipment and the goal itself.

Breathing again. RECCHI I LOVE YOU TOO!!!

I hate hockey. I might be back. I probably won’t be:(


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Shut up Wyc

The Bruins are one game away from the Stanley Cup Finals. The Red Sox are on freaking fire and WEEI is interviewing the idiotic owner of the Celtics? No wonder your ratings are in the garbage. You clearly have no idea how to run a radio station. I hate Michael Felger but I thank someone for him every night because WEEI is now a waste land and I love it.

Back to the story. Is there a more unprofessional organization then the Boston Celtics? First you have Danny Ainge throwing a towel up in the air to distract an NBA player from making a free throw. The GENERAL MANAGER of your PROFESSIONAL BASKETBALL TEAM. Now you have the asshole owner of the Celtics on air openly rooting against the team that embarrassed his team only a few short weeks ago?

This guy is a joke. He needs to be forced to sell this team. He is making a mockery of this once proud franchise and no one seems to care because he won a title 3 years ago.

I have no problem with rooting against the team that beat you but if you are the owner of a PROFESSIONAL SPORTS TEAM do you really need to go on the radio and tell the world?

This is why I HATE this team. I hate them. The NBA doesn’t care because the Boston teams bring in the ratings but now that the Bruins are beating the Celtics in the ratings I hope David Stern wakes up and stops letting these idiots get away with what they get away with.

The Sox owner doesn’t do this. Sure they go back and forth with the Yankees but they do this to one up each other. There is no way you would ever see Theo Epstein sitting behind the plate waving a white towel to distract the pitcher of another team. You would never hear the Sox owners on the radio bad mouthing other teams players and owners.

Still waiting for karma to do its job.


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Sox hitters. You OWE Wakefield a win PLUS Karl Ravech


This idiot above is Karl Ravech. He has been doing a lot of Red Sox bashing recently. Tonight he did some more on SportsCenter. After we beat the Cubbies some College kids were chanting “Lets go Bruins” outside of the Fens after the game and he said something like “All these people that jumped off the bandwagon are now all back on it now that there winning”

Umm no Karl because last time I checked the sell outs that have been going on for over 5 years are still happening. Last time I checked the line is still down the street for day of game tickets. Last time I checked people like me are still living and dying by this team depending on the night. Last time I checked all these sell outs are still sell outs.

So no Karl NO ONE jumped off the bandwagon. There might be some bandwagon fans but us real fans are still here so SHUT UP.

This is going to be the next sign I make for Fenway. The name have been made up:)


Remember that beautiful game he pitched before he pitched 3 crappy games? The one where he left with a 1-0 lead and you blew it for him? It was MAY 1ST. Well tonight he is pitching and you owe him a win. PERIOD.

IMO you owe him a blow out. A nice 20-0 game will suffice:)


In case you forget this is Tim Wakefield above. That is his number 49 in the circle in case you need to remember who you owe a win.


Shut up ESPN. Wanna talk piecing together a pitching staff. Try the Red Sox yesterday AND Today.

Oh and Youkilis strikes out and the stupid ESPN guy screams like the Cubs pitcher just struck out the last batter in the 9th inning of a world series game. I HATE ESPN and Fox. I am done after this inning.I can’t watch this network anymore especially no with sound.

I am back. Ut Oh Masterson is pitching against us tomorrow night. He likes to beat us. I want PAY BACK for the first series.

Red Sox fans have gotten annoyed with Cubbies fans. Only took you two games people. They have over taken the Cubs chants.lol We will have none of that.


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Doc Rivers is a liar and an idiot

I can’t believe people ever believe a word this dumbass says but they do.

He was interviewed by WEEI and ESPN posted his interview and he actually said that the reason the Celtics weren’t any good after the Perkins trade was because it basically messed up the chemistry.

He then said that his team lost any advantage they had with Miami and Chicago having new teams.

“‘Well, it was more not that the trust went away, the know-how went away,” Rivers said. “The continuity went away. That’s what the trade affected more than anything

Really Doc because last time I checked Perkins was hurt the entire damn year and when he was hurt the Celtics record was….

33 wins
10 losses

Yep so tell em AGAIN how Perkins leaving hurt your chemistry you lying sack of shit.

Who wants more stats? I know I do. Want to know what the Celtics record was between the game Perkins came back from injury to the game he was traded away?

8 wins
5 losses

You want to know how you can tell when Doc Rivers is lying? His lips are moving. He also laughs after almost every lie he says like he laughed in that interview on WEEI.

NEWFLASH!!! Don’t do interviews where people can look up the stats and prove that you don’t know what the hell you are talking about. You’re an idiot Glenn Rivers.

Perkins was traded on February 24th 2011 Thursday

Perkins played first game of 2011 january 24 / 25th


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