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Rondo blows off game and majority of Boston media refuses to report it.

Rondo doesn’t show up for a game

Don’t go to ESPN Boston to find this information. It wasn’t news to them. Boston.com ? Nope they didn’t report it either. Apparently a player NOT showing up for a game isn’t big news to the media or news at all.

Rajon Rondo played in a game vs the Lakers and then didn’t show up to play the Kings the next night.

He never had permission to skip the game ( He doesn’t play in back to back games) and apparently is such a big part of the team that no one realized he wasn’t on the plane ride to Sacramento oh and to top this all off, Danny Ainge doesn’t care. Its not a big deal. They might talk to him.

I am going to try this tomorrow at work and see if I still have a job. When my boss calls me I am going to say, well I didn’t plan on doing any work anyway so I just stayed home and see if that fly’s.

The Whiny Boston media had a huge issues with Tim Thomas skipping a visit to the White House because the state is full of Liberal nut cases who like giving all their tax money to illegal aliens and lazy fat people who refuse to get a job but when the spoiled millionaire decides not to show up for work that doesn’t even get a mention?


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I was right:)

Funny Picture

I am so giddy right now I just want to gloat. Gloat, gloat, gloat:P


Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett and his no trade clause have been traded to the NJ Nets for Kim Kardashian’s ex, 30 million dollars and a bunch of draft picks in (14, 16 and 18)

Never been a Pierce fan but what I find the best about all of this is the last hour or two this has been officially unofficial Kevin Garnett was trending on twitter but Pierce wasn’t:)


So beloved.


Oh and even better is the fact that no one is disgusted at this trade because the Celtics traded Pierce to the Nets to play for Jason Kidd.


Not a single person I talked to knows why this should disgust REAL Celtics fans. This pretty much proves that when I call all Celtics fans bandwagon I have proof now they are.

No one remembers before 2008 because none of these people WATCHED THE TEAM.

So if ANYONE can tell me why seeing Pierce in a Nets shirt being coached by JASON FUCKING KIDD should make every Celtic fan want to go slap Danny Ainge in the face I’ll give you a, well I’ll give you nothing. I just want someone to fucking understand why it is this should make your skin crawl?

Someone has to be a real fan of this team? ANYONE? The idiots on twitter don’t understand.

Did I mention I was right? 🙂

You’re still here. Oh you’re waiting to find out why this should make you ill. Well to bad. If you were a real Celtic fan you would know why this should piss you off and WTF I am talking about. Go look it up.



I said it years ago and was mocked. I was right:)

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9 minutes

The Celtics showed up for exactly 9 minutes in game 6 vs the Knicks and people are giving them credit for not giving up.


So let me get this straight, showing up for 9 MINUTES in a game gets you props? Shooting 2-14 and ending 4-18 and going 1-9 on three’s gets you credit? 5 turnover and 4 assists is the line and you get praised?


What fucking city do I live in? This isn’t Boston. Boston doesn’t call playing 9 minutes of the 4th quarter an effort and we don’t let losing to a NY team ever be acceptable so why the hell does Ainge and Rivers still have jobs?

Explain it to me because if the Red Sox had done this all hell would have broken loose.


I don’t get this city anymore.

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NBA fixed game for Celtics and ESPN Doesn’t care

ESPN doesn’t think the NBA screwing up is a big deal. It buried the story of the NBA big mess up on the Boston ESPN page. Why doesn’t ESPN put this on the front page of their site? well because they are owned by Disney which in turn owns the channel the NBA Finals is on. The same reason they didn’t talk bad about the NBA when the lock out was going on is the same reason ESPN chose to bury this story.

Read about it here and invision me rolling my eyes.

The Hawks were screwed and this outrage will be buried for ever because Boston is a bigger market. It amazes me that the Red Sox get screwed so much but the Celtics get these gifts.

This morning I was listening the radio talk about how the Red Sox don’t care but the Celtics are fighters. The fact that they took 6 games to beat the pathetic Hawks who are the joke of the NBA somehow equals “spirit” okay radio. Whateva

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OMG It’s like Christmas. In January

Ainge is BRAGGING about trading Paul Pierce and you can vote what grade he should have received. Guess which grade I gave ????? and I am not done voting. 🙂

Of course the bandwagon fans want Pierce to stay but they have been fans for five minutes. Tomorrow I will change this vote and make the word yes shine brighter than EVER.

Does this mean the evil green team will FINALLY be getting the bad karma they have given the world over the last 8 years?

I am not getting my hope up but I am hoping.


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Danny Ainge needs to officially change his name to Liar

I would hate for Chris Paul to be traded to Boston. God shoot me now if the evil green team actually get him but this whole situation is giving me goose bumps. I feel like I have been here before. Oh wait I have.

I don’t have the stomach to go search for articles (except this one) and post links so I will just tell you what is going on.

Danny Ainge has been trying to trade Rajon Rondo to the Hornets for Chris Paul but they refused to do it unless Paul signed a contract extension. Paul told them NO WAY I will not re-sign in Boston. So the trade was off.

Turns out Rajon is REALLY mad that the Celtics have been shopping him so after Paul said he would not re-sign here Danny Ainge went into panic mode and was on every news and TV station telling the world he would not trade Rondo and that they want him here forever.

HA, Hold the telephone bat man now the Celtics are saying that Chris Paul does not need to sign a contract extension and they will still do the trade.

This is CLASSIC Ainge. He lies to the players face, the fans. He lies to everyone and then he does the opposite. Here’s the kicker now the Celtics fans hate Rondo. They say he has a bad attitude. That he needs to change and that they want Chris Paul.

Chris Paul is a great player and I would hate to have him here even for one season so I can’t wish for this trade to happen but if it does this is CLASSIC Boston since the douche bag was hired.

WHERE IS KARMA. Karma would be for Paul to go to the Lakers haha. Actually as much as I DON’T want this to happen , karma would be for Paul to be traded to Boston where he would get injured and not play a single game. Then he would go sign with the Knicks and lead them to a NBA championship. You see we hate NY here in Boston so maybe karma would have him sign in LA and win a title. Yep I like that better.

Here is what could happen. The evil team gets Paul (nooooo) They trade him for Rondo. NOTHING good happens, he either gets hurt or sucks or whatever then the Celtics have traded away their only young piece of talent (even if he is overrated) then Danny Ainge see’s that he has given away the youth and he quits and leaves the Celtics in shambles. Where they suck for years and years and we have a new curse, the curse of Danny Ainge hence proving me right:)

Wyc Grousbeck you so deserve to have NOTHING for what you did in 2003 and how you have acted since then. Only problem is Danny Ainge still gets to be happy. If anyone deserves pure hell it is Ainge.


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Suck it Again Celtics

See I told you know one likes you:)

2001 Patriots 7.26%

2004 Red Sox 56.02%

2008 Celtics 5.46%

2011 Bruins 31.26%

(Clap clap clap clap clap)

(Clap clap clap clap clap)

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