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9 minutes

The Celtics showed up for exactly 9 minutes in game 6 vs the Knicks and people are giving them credit for not giving up.


So let me get this straight, showing up for 9 MINUTES in a game gets you props? Shooting 2-14 and ending 4-18 and going 1-9 on three’s gets you credit? 5 turnover and 4 assists is the line and you get praised?


What fucking city do I live in? This isn’t Boston. Boston doesn’t call playing 9 minutes of the 4th quarter an effort and we don’t let losing to a NY team ever be acceptable so why the hell does Ainge and Rivers still have jobs?

Explain it to me because if the Red Sox had done this all hell would have broken loose.


I don’t get this city anymore.


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Hey Paul Pierce. There’s no “I” in team

I should have waited a day to write my 500th blog because this blog would have been classic FDA. It would have been why this blog was created. It all would have come full circle.

The Celtics won like 5 games in a row. Then they lost (Thanks Cavs) and this is when Paul Pierce decided to whine about his playing time. It’s always ALL about Paul.

I seriously hate this kid. He has always been the most selfish jerk known to man kind and yet because he gets a free pass from the refs no one ever calls him out when he acts like this.

It’s not even close to being the free pass Brady gets when he plays like crap because Brady is like an icon here in Boston. I know I sound like a broken record but Brady is white so when you are white and you win multiple titles in this town you get a free pass for life. Like Larry Bird.

Pierce is a whole different story. No matter what he does or how he acts he has always been free from any kind of media backlash. A lot of that had to do with Antoine Walker being in town at the time. Antoine was always blamed for everything (Bob Ryan started that) but Paul has always acted entitled and has always been selfish and still no backlash. It’s crazy.

Sorry I tend to talk this subject to death when it becomes a conversation. People usually just know to let me rant and eventually I shut up… until the next time I think about it.

Where was I? I don’t know just read the article where Paul uses the word I about a million times. Where the writer says

In a way, it was refreshing to see this sort of emotional outburst

Do you know what the media would have said if David Ortiz whined like this after a loss and only cared about his playing time? I can tell you how they would act. It just happened when Papi complained about a hit he wasn’t given and he interrupted Francona’s press conference.

This love fest for Pierce happened before they were gifted a title so it hasn’t nothing to do with him showing up at the end to claim all the glory. After all this is exactly what Paul Pierce has always done.

The rest of this article is hilarious too. Doc Rivers blames the refs because all calls should go in the Celtics favor. ROLLING EYES.

NO ONE gets more of a free pass from the refs like Paul Pierce and company yet they still whine when they lose. Of course Doc doesn’t mention the calls Cleveland didn’t get.

Even when the writer calls out Pierce for his sloppy play he makes an excuse for him

will probably realize that he was upset because he was part of the problem. (There’s no shame in that considering he chipped in 18 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists over 35 minutes — the big blemish on his stat line was seven turnovers.)

The NBA created this monster when they let Pierce get away with anything he wanted on the court. Then they blew this problem up to the size of the Empire State Building when they gave them a title to make the Celtics relevent again. They only have themselves to blame but it’s the NBA world that suffers.

Time to fix that David Stern.


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Shut up Wyc

The Bruins are one game away from the Stanley Cup Finals. The Red Sox are on freaking fire and WEEI is interviewing the idiotic owner of the Celtics? No wonder your ratings are in the garbage. You clearly have no idea how to run a radio station. I hate Michael Felger but I thank someone for him every night because WEEI is now a waste land and I love it.

Back to the story. Is there a more unprofessional organization then the Boston Celtics? First you have Danny Ainge throwing a towel up in the air to distract an NBA player from making a free throw. The GENERAL MANAGER of your PROFESSIONAL BASKETBALL TEAM. Now you have the asshole owner of the Celtics on air openly rooting against the team that embarrassed his team only a few short weeks ago?

This guy is a joke. He needs to be forced to sell this team. He is making a mockery of this once proud franchise and no one seems to care because he won a title 3 years ago.

I have no problem with rooting against the team that beat you but if you are the owner of a PROFESSIONAL SPORTS TEAM do you really need to go on the radio and tell the world?

This is why I HATE this team. I hate them. The NBA doesn’t care because the Boston teams bring in the ratings but now that the Bruins are beating the Celtics in the ratings I hope David Stern wakes up and stops letting these idiots get away with what they get away with.

The Sox owner doesn’t do this. Sure they go back and forth with the Yankees but they do this to one up each other. There is no way you would ever see Theo Epstein sitting behind the plate waving a white towel to distract the pitcher of another team. You would never hear the Sox owners on the radio bad mouthing other teams players and owners.

Still waiting for karma to do its job.


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Doc Rivers is a liar and an idiot

I can’t believe people ever believe a word this dumbass says but they do.

He was interviewed by WEEI and ESPN posted his interview and he actually said that the reason the Celtics weren’t any good after the Perkins trade was because it basically messed up the chemistry.

He then said that his team lost any advantage they had with Miami and Chicago having new teams.

“‘Well, it was more not that the trust went away, the know-how went away,” Rivers said. “The continuity went away. That’s what the trade affected more than anything

Really Doc because last time I checked Perkins was hurt the entire damn year and when he was hurt the Celtics record was….

33 wins
10 losses

Yep so tell em AGAIN how Perkins leaving hurt your chemistry you lying sack of shit.

Who wants more stats? I know I do. Want to know what the Celtics record was between the game Perkins came back from injury to the game he was traded away?

8 wins
5 losses

You want to know how you can tell when Doc Rivers is lying? His lips are moving. He also laughs after almost every lie he says like he laughed in that interview on WEEI.

NEWFLASH!!! Don’t do interviews where people can look up the stats and prove that you don’t know what the hell you are talking about. You’re an idiot Glenn Rivers.

Perkins was traded on February 24th 2011 Thursday

Perkins played first game of 2011 january 24 / 25th


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Waiting for a star(S) to fall

I feel content. I am not a stupid person. My spelling, grammar and punctuation might make you think other wise but English was always my best subject. I never gave much of an effort and that was the one class I did well in.

So as I sit here waiting for David Ortiz to take the plate I want you to know I still do not trust the Miami Heat.

I am so happy they won game 4 that I can hardly sit in this chair as I type but if it takes your 3 best players all scoring over 20 points to beat the old Boston Celtics then winning an NBA title is going to be tough.

So Miami I am not celebrating your game 4 win until you win 4 games.

P.S.- Are you blind Eck? That ten minute wait for the call was not a strike. Not even close. If you are interviewing for a new job on a National network stop lying for the sake of your audition.


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You don’t understand. No one does. The World is out to get me. I see things. Scary, scary things and they make me sad, mad, angry and extremely short tempered.

My online diagnoses is Schizophrenia.

Wikipedia has these symptoms listed The bold area’s are the symptoms and the non bold items are from me.

Hallucinations (most reported are hearing voices)

Yep I see the Celtics winning another title since the Lakers are now out of it and we all know only Kobe Bryant can prevent forest fires. stop the Celtics from winning. The voices I keep hearing are “HAHA I win again. HAHA I win again. Those voices belong to Danny Freaking Ainge and Faker Pierce.

Delusions (often bizarre or persecutory in nature)

(see above)

Disorganized thinking and speech.


Social withdrawal

When they won last time I didn’t leave the house for a week. Okay it was really only two days and technically they were my days off but still.

Sloppiness of dress and hygiene,

You should see my hair right now. However I never go a day without a shower.

Loss of motivation and judgement

Today I drank chocolate milk and ate salt and vinegar potato chips does that count?


I think that I picked the right disease. Besides my need for a shower every day I think it fits.

Wait, There is 48 seconds left and the Heat are up by 2.



Well it is overtime. Pierce missed the shot and I still have no faith in Miami. This is just prolonged torture. Lebron James losing the ball. Is this a high school game?

I LOVE being wrong. Just this once or twice.


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I want Pudge


No not our Pudge. I think he is a little too old to be our catcher. I am talking about Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez

Yes I am talking from a totally girl perspective here. I LOVE HIM. Even though he was a Yankee for awhile I have had this crush on Pudge since the first time I saw him.

I once saw him play as a Tiger and I stalked him around the park to get a picture. I swear he noticed he looked at me like a stalker as I sat there taking 100 pictures to make sure I got a good one. I’ll have to see if I still have that picture.lol

He is the cutest man in MLB. I want a Pudge shirt. As long as we don’t have to trade anything good to get him I want him here:)

How’s this for hypocrisy. I say we get Pudge because Benjie Molina used to be a Yankee and I hate ex Yankees. Scratch that. Jose Molina is the brother that used to be a Yankee. Damn the Molina parents for having so many overrated talented children. Benjie is the one that used to be a Cardinal but he isn’t cute so I vote no.

Don’t mind me for my girl moment in this oh so serious blog about sports but I am just bidding my time before the Heat choke away another game to the evil Celtics so I can go to bed.


In other news Monopoly has been cut lose.
Do the Yankees need an outfielder/head case? Everyone ends up in NY.

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