Youkilis hates you Red Sox Nation

Have you ever wondered what baseball players really think about the places they play in when the media is not around? When they are sitting around the dinner table talking to their uncle and whining like a two year old that can’t have a cookie?

Wonder no longer because Kevin Youkilis’s uncle will tell you exactly how much Kevin hated playing in Boston.

Kevin always wanted to be a Yankee. He thinks there is too much drama in Boston. Yep cuz there is never any drama in New York (rolling eyes)

I hope the Patriots lose tonight so I can blame Kevin Youkilis being at the game for the loss. It’s all Youkilis’s fault from here on in:)


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Can someone take Johny Damon out please?

It can’t be that easy. His head is hollow and has no brain in it. I think a good push into a brick wall might make his head explode.

Johnny Damon told the Boston Globe that he was sent an invitation to the Red Sox celebration for the 2004 World series team but told them he would only attend if they signed him and put him on the roster.

OMG, I hate him. I really, really hate him.


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An open letter to Kevin Youkilis

Dear Kevin,

Don’t do it Kevin. Don’t become a Yankee. Don’t ruin your legacy here in Boston for a one year deal with the evil empire. Don’t become just another member of the Yankees that no one will remember by the time all is said and done. Don’t become Johnny Damon. Don’t become Derek Lowe (oh how it pains me to say that) Don’t become Doug Mientkiewicz. Don’t become Alan Embree. Don;’t become Mark, Bellhop? Bellhorned? I don’t even remember his name anymore.

The fans in Boston have cheered you through the good and the bad. They have always supported you even when you made stupid comments and insulted them. They deserve better than you becoming a Yankee.

I could care less if you go to NY. If you do end up there it will provide me with years of funny hate blogs and the nicknames, oh the nicknames I could think of to call your fat ass in pinstripes but this is about me, this is about you, your legacy and your fans.

You know that charity event you just had in Boston. Its won’t happen again. NY won’t give a crap about you in a year when A-Fraud comes back and your legacy will have no place to call home. You will be dead to Boston and you will only have your self to blame.

Think about the children Youk. Think about Youks kids. Think about TooSoxy. She came out of hibernation just to write about you.

Its up to you Kevin. Your choices are simple, go to NY and be the man time forgot or go any where but NY and be the guy throwing out the first pitch at Fenway when your old and grey, bald-er cheered wildly by the fans that always had your back because become a Yankee and you can NEVER come back to Boston. I’ll make sure of that.



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Baltimore has to be the dumbest city ever!!!!

The Red Sox won 7 games in September. winning only two series and are on a 5 game losing streak (about to be 6) and the bandwagon Baltimore Orioles fans are now saying the Red Sox are losing to NY on purpose just so Baltimore won’t win the division”

Que WTF?

I can deal with a lot of things but I have a low tolerance for STUPIDITY. Yep, we just want to help our favorite enemies out because they JUST MUST WIN! Give me a break.

I hate bandwagon fans and Maryland has an entire state full of them, stupid ones at that.

I am so done with baseball right now and when the season is over I will be complaining, I miss baseball.


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My Generation

This was the generation of Patriots players that got me interested in football. I watched in the 80’s but it was the start of our 3 Super Bowls that made me check the internet daily instead of just on Sundays.

I have come to the conclusion that I hate change. That is why I don’t like this current group of Patriots. They aren’t Ty Law, Lawyer Milloy or Troy Brown. This is probably why I am heartbroken over the end of Deion Branch.

I grew up in the 80’s following Bird, Parrish and Mchale (who was my favorite. I bet you have a hard time believing that huh?) but I had no problem attaching myself to the early 2000 Celtics but I can’t get behind these Danny Ainge frauds. God that doesn’t even touch on the Red Sox. I grew up with Yaz and LOVED the 2003 team better than the 2004. Todd Walker was David Ortiz. Now, I don’t even know what we have. I still root for the shirt.

Useless over thinking but I still hate change. Time to get used to it.


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Good Riddance Josh Beckett

I want to fly to LA and smack this smile off your face so badly I literally have my credit card in my hand.

The trade is done though not official and I was truly on the fence until about ten minutes ago when I saw that picture above.

I always felt Josh Beckett was losing on purpose because he was pissed and I fully expect him to pitch like Roger Clemens on steroids from here on out.

40 million dollar payroll next year Red Sox Nation.

The good news is I will be able to get good seats………………………………..

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Kevin Youkilis


The new Johnny Damon. I was all set to give a fond fair well until I read hbis comments about “proving people wrong” Same old Kevin Youkilis, asshole.

Guess who has a game against the white sox after the all star break:)

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