John Farrell robbed of Manager of the year honors

John Farrell robbed of Manager of the year honors

I was not in favor of getting John Farrell in the off season. I didn’t think he would be any better than Francona considering he is his mini me but I was proven wrong when John Farrell took a bunch of lost guy misfits and turned them into World Series Champions.

Farrell has the best record in baseball tied with Mike Matheny of the Cardinals ( who wasn’t even in the running for the award which is also a travesty.) but he did it playing 19 games a year vs the AL East, easily the best division in baseball.
4 of the 5 teams were in the playoff hunt til the last month of the season.

Francona only made the playoffs because he finished the season playing games vs the Houston Astros, Twins and Chicago White Sox. 3 of the worst teams in baseball.

Farrell finished the season playing the Yankees, Orioles, Rays, Tigers and Blue Jays. Some of these teams might not have had the greatest teams but they always play the Red Sox like it is the World Series where they sit and die when playing anyone else.

I always thought Terry Francona got robbed in the Manager of the year debate back in the day because he managed for Boston and the media has this bias against them (Jacoby can’t win MVP because his team didn’t make the playoffs yet A-Rod can win it playing for the worst team in baseball. Not logical at all) and now because of that bias Farrell was robbed of the award by blatant cheating and Francona benefitted not because he deserved it but because he used to manage here. If he never came to Boston these same idiots would not have voted for him at all.

Here is who voted for who.

Here is what stands out.

Asuka Iinuma Brown and Christina Kahrl from didn’t vote for Farrell at all. Asuka didn’t vote for Francona either but Christina voted for Francona first.

Tim Cowlishaw from Dallas Morning News voted Francona first and Farrell third. Sheldon Ocker from the Akron Beacon Journal, Brian Golden from the Antelope Valley Press and Andy McCullough from the Newark Star Ledger did the same.

Anyone else that voted for Francona first voted Farrell second except the two people who left Farrell off the ballot altogether.

George King from the New York Post was the only person besides Asuka who didn’t vote for Francona at all.


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November 13, 2013 · 1:58 am

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