Baltimore has to be the dumbest city ever!!!!

The Red Sox won 7 games in September. winning only two series and are on a 5 game losing streak (about to be 6) and the bandwagon Baltimore Orioles fans are now saying the Red Sox are losing to NY on purpose just so Baltimore won’t win the division”

Que WTF?

I can deal with a lot of things but I have a low tolerance for STUPIDITY. Yep, we just want to help our favorite enemies out because they JUST MUST WIN! Give me a break.

I hate bandwagon fans and Maryland has an entire state full of them, stupid ones at that.

I am so done with baseball right now and when the season is over I will be complaining, I miss baseball.



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2 responses to “Baltimore has to be the dumbest city ever!!!!

  1. FDA… um… have you seen the news today?
    It was upsetting.
    It will be better next year. And I actually reallytrulyreallyuponreally mean it. When have John Farrell and other people and John Farrell.
    We will be happy again.
    I miss you. I miss baseball. I hate New York.

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