The world is ending

Well either the world is ending or the real fans have all quit going to Fenway.

I was at the game vs Cleveland that we lost. There was no announcer to honor Carl Beane so only a few people booed Johnny Demon. It broke my heart.

Well then I heard he was cheered during the next game. I didn’t believe it. Not one person booed him? I find that hard to believe.

BUT I went to yesterdays game where Tim Wakefield was honored between innings. They had some ex players Congratulate Wakefield for his Red Sox days and one of those people was, HIM and guess what? They cheered him. There wasn’t a boo insight, besides me.

I have spent hours trying to figure out why no one would be booing this dumbass. Do they not remember the stuff he has said the last few years? Do they not remember HE WAS A YANKEE? Do they not remember him refusing to come here last year?

The only conclusion I could come up with is the real fans like me have abandoned this team. They don’t go to games anymore. They don’t remember the past. They just don’t care. Even toosoxy has gone awol. She doesn’t even tweet anymore.

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