NBA fixed game for Celtics and ESPN Doesn’t care

ESPN doesn’t think the NBA screwing up is a big deal. It buried the story of the NBA big mess up on the Boston ESPN page. Why doesn’t ESPN put this on the front page of their site? well because they are owned by Disney which in turn owns the channel the NBA Finals is on. The same reason they didn’t talk bad about the NBA when the lock out was going on is the same reason ESPN chose to bury this story.

Read about it here and invision me rolling my eyes.

The Hawks were screwed and this outrage will be buried for ever because Boston is a bigger market. It amazes me that the Red Sox get screwed so much but the Celtics get these gifts.

This morning I was listening the radio talk about how the Red Sox don’t care but the Celtics are fighters. The fact that they took 6 games to beat the pathetic Hawks who are the joke of the NBA somehow equals “spirit” okay radio. Whateva


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