No words. BOWDEN

I knew when we started last season beating the Yankees like 10 of the first 12 games that payback was going to be paid but this goes beyond my wildest imagination. Actually it doesn’t.

9 RUN LEAD. You can’t hold a 9 RUN LEAD. I don’t care how bad the plate umpire is in this game and it has been the worst I have seen in a long time (and remember who I am talking about) but blowing a 9 run lead is just sad and don’t ******* give me this would not have happened with Francona. It would have. Bobby put in the one pitcher that had been good for us this year (albeit WAY TOO EARLY) and he gives up a gran slam to start the bleeding. Then it pours.

Then there is the Bruins.

I will be back to vent.



Look at his stats? OMG we just traded our future for nothing?


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