So many two faced people at this 100th Birthday party

I saw an interview a few months ago where Nomar was bad mouthing the Red Sox. He talked about how nothing ends well here and how horrible we are as an organization and I will never forget how obnoxious he sounded. I mean this was the guy that had just called the Red Sox up asking to sign here for one day so he could retire a red sox and there he was acting like the arrogant punk ass that got his ass traded here 7 years earlier.

So I go on twitter today and look what Nomar is tweeting,

@Nomar5 Are you going to be at Fenway tomorrow?”- yes I will be there. Looking forward to it

Then we have Schilling who has been on a US Tour bad mouthing the red sox since we didn’t up Tito’s contract and there he is saying how much red sox nation means to him on some other website.

Tito, well we all know how much whining he has done over the last few months originally refusing to come to this 100 year opening now all of a sudden changing his mind telling the world ” the fans” deserve to see me.

Am I the only one that wants to gag?

None of these players respect the red sox. None of them give a damn about the fans that if they want to take their kids to a game have to take out a mortgage on their house to afford it yet they are all going to show up tomorrow and stand in front of all of us acting like it meant something for them to play here. What is that saying about a knife in the back?

If you are a Red Sox fan and you can sit through this all without wanting to throw up on your shoes then you are a better person then me.

I bad mouth this team but ALL of my comments come out of my mouth because I am frustrated because I care so much. I want them to succeed. I want them to care as much as I do, but they don’t.

I had planned on going down to Fenway tomorrow to try and get tickets but I just can’t do it. If I was at Fenway I would have a hard time cheering anyone that played for this organization before 1985. It’s pretty sad that ex Yankee players have more respect for their organization then ANYONE that plays for Boston has.


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