Live Blogging out of boredom

Boredom. This spelling doesn’t look right but yahoo says it is so it is.

I have a few questions for you.

Why can’t the Red Sox hit?

Why can’t the Bruins score?

Salty can hit. SALTY CAN HIT!!
Homerun (4-2, Tampa)

That goal that the capitals scored was total luck. It was really off the Bruins.

Darnell is batting 167. Oh joyful.

Does Jerry Remy ever annoy you? I find myself telling him to STFU half the time.

I am watching this movie on lifetime and the mother (Sam from Generations) is a complete idiot. Why are people in movies so stupid sometimes? Not only that the daughter in the movie is just as dumb but not as dumb as the killers. 3 teenage boys pushed a kid off a mountain and the daughter saw them. She was keeping quiet and not saying a word but the stupid boys decide to harass her into The movie is called, Tell me no lies. Do yourself a favor, don’t watch it.

Clay, Clay, Clay. Sigh

Time for you to WAKE UP BRUINS. It is the start of the third period and that weak, cheapo goal scored by us really does not deserve to win this game.

Bye Clay. We are now, Blogging live with the Bruins.

I love how the Red Sox have no pride at all. “Kareem Garcia” hates on us for months and the Red Sox players just serve up hits for him. Clay doesn’t care that this loser no name player keeps running his mouth. Whatever Red Sox, whatevs. Oh sorry. I forgot. LIVE BLOGGING with the Bruins….

DUSTIN PEDROIA , HOMERUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still losing, sigh

The Bruins just had 3 great shots on goal. All missed, sigh.

Which Molina brother is this? The one we beat as a Cardinal? The one we beat as an Angel? or the other one? I think this is the Angel Molina. I will go look that up.

LMAO, A baseball signed by Kelly Shoppach. That is worth about 50 I call that slide, Little league.

The Bruins are working their little butts off to no avail. Come on guys.

National TV hockey has way too any commercials.

I day dreamed through that, SCORE. We’re tied. Go Bruins.

Jose is the Angel Molina and the other brother is Benji. Thanks wikipedia.

Thanks Benoit:)

I have not been nervous at all watching hockey until the last minute of the regular time of this hockey game. OMG, The Bruins are trying to kill

Darnell has a full count, guys on second and third. STFU Remy (I might change the name of this blog to STFU Remy) COME ON DARNELL!!!!!! Walk. Bases loaded and we all know how this goes. 2 outs, Mike Aviles is up. COME ON MIKE!!!!!

Helikson has thrown only 71 pitches. 3-0 on Mike.

Valentine is funny. He wants a balk call and of course Remy says he is wrong STFYU Remy,

Come on Mike. Full count, Of course. (We are only in the 4th inning? wow)

Of course they leave the bases loaded. sigh.

I know I thought I gave up the red sox for today but the Bruins went into their little rest period and I got bored and I am too lazy to go down stairs to…… (Figure it out)

Still lazy and back to the stupid movie.The cop knows his kid is bad and he is trying to let the girl go to keep her quiet. Bad cop.

So lets see what the Red Sox are doing…………… There is a commercial. Time to hold my breath and check the Bruins…… Still skating.

Back to the movie where the dumb kid murdering everyone video tapes it. Duh.

My neck hurts. I am nervous and, well I am babbling. Babbling I suppose is the correct spelling. Time to go do my farm.

I love Dustin Pedroia. He is a keeper.

Now that my movie is over what will I do to occupy my Bruins avoiding?

Youkilis is up. I don’t love him. Of course he looks like he has to go to the bathroom so that reminds me that I have to go to the same place. You better get a hit Youkilis.

Questions from kids to Youkilis. Oh I would have some great questions for

So Youk, Why are you here in Boston if you hate us?

So Youk, Why do you look like you have to pee when you are trying to hit?

So Youk, Why won’t you marry toosoxy? She is obsessed and I want good seats at Fenway for a change.

Papi is up. Guy on first is MR TooSoxy (though I have no clue why she chose, him)

The NY Times or Post (I forget) Had a funny comment today or yesterday in their paper about the Bruins that I can’t share with you til after the game.

PAPI TIES THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Homerun. Come on Bruins. It is your turn.

Oh yes, farm time. I’ll be back. So I can talk to myself.

I just made a new word, Frackey. I said, That would have been a frackey goal to tie it up like the last one the Capitals scored. It would have been kismit.

The Angel Molina is back up at bat. Timmy just saved a goal Yay Timmy.

So while I was gone Avilas hit a homerun. I was on my way up the stairs when I heard cheering. I missed it by 1 minute. Hit homerun was NOT with the bases loaded but we are now ahead 6-5. Bruins are still tied with the 1st OT Over. They should be starting the 2nd OT any minute.

Gonzo gets a double again, NOT with the bases loaded.

Now the bases are loaded but I am done. Bruins lose. Live blogging ova:(


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