I thought he was gone for good. I thought I could pretend I didn’t hate the Cleveland Indians and be happy every time my D-Lowe won a game but now I can’t do that. I have to admit to myself that I hate the Cleveland Indians and want them to die!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay so maybe not that extreme but this is still very sad and disappointing for me.

Why don’t you just jump off a bridge already ?

If I was a millionaire this would be when I would call up the Indians owner and offer him double what he is paying this shit head not to take him.



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  1. Or- to take him and sign him to an UNBREAKABLE contract… and have him sell peanuts or something. I wrote about this. I also just saw his letter to fans. I sweartojesus I think he wrote it to me.

  2. hahahaha. my blogger friend bheise is from cleveland and he is so sad. hahahahahahaha

  3. Damon the Demon pops up again. Like a Whack-A-Mole you can’t kill for good.

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