Dear Terry Francona,

WE GET IT. Boston is mean. We treated you so badly your time here that you now hate us beyond repair. Can you STFU and go away now?

You think the Red Sox owners leaked your issue with pills and so you are bitter but last time I checked the Boston fans didn’t do a damn thing to you but cheer you and treat you like a God so can you stop dragging us through the mud now?

Every time you whine about the Red Sox us fans have to deal with the consequences (Who is slinging mud through the media now? so stop acting like you are the victim here.

The leaking of the pills was wrong especially if it wasn’t true but it is about time you own up to your part in all of this and stop acting like you were the only one wronged?

You managed the team for two years and let them do as they please. You are a players manager. That is what you wanted to be and that is how you played it so putting all the blame on them for you not doing your job is just plain hypocritical.

You should have stopped the chicken and beer and even more importantly you COULD HAVE stopped the chicken and beer but you chose not too. You sat on your hands and did not do your job because you wanted to be liked.

For someone over it you certainly never shut up about it and you have never acknowledged your part in any of this. You certainly have no respect for the fans and that article proves it. It’s obvious your hurt feelings are all that you care about. That much I get.

It’s time to move on and in order for the Red Sox to do that you need to do it too so while I appreciate you helping the Red Sox win two world series I am done with you.


A member of Red Sox Nation



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3 responses to “Dear Terry Francona,

  1. I mean. I get it. I do. But it’s not like we’re asking him to make out with John Henry. He could go and pal around with Ortiz… Whatever. I’m not going to hate on Tito… but I am going to roll my eyes a little. There. They are rolled.

  2. Is there a PPV price listed yet for that Henry-Tito make-out session…I can’t find it in my Comcast Guide…

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