When it rains it pours

I have a new twitter hater and boy she sounds a lot like this whore I know. We will call her Mrs “Varitek” Looks like she got a new name on twitter to send people messages.


ALL her tweets are about Tek. She only follows Tek associated people. I recently got another visit from twitter here at the blog and she just happens to tweet to the whore.


I LOVE LEAP YEARS:)  Today has been fun. I have a stalker and her name is whore.


Bye, https://twitter.com/#!/brkelly143

Here is the funniest tweet she made. Her first one under her new name.

This is classic.

@CatherinVaritek I joined Twitter today just to tell Jason and you how much we love him! You’re a great wife and luck lady! #RedSox #Tek

I guess is is a coinkydink that she is from Atlanta and Boston just like the whore.lol



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10 responses to “When it rains it pours

  1. Ah, FDA, so glad to see your still fiery.
    It’s baseball season and I’m determined to blog this season.

    Drop by, say, hi, and for the love of gawd, let’s leave the whore’s tweets out of this. The one re-posted above made me want to thow up. Love from the west coast.

    • FireDannyAinge

      YOU’RE ALIVE!!! Hey I am a girl. It’s okay for me to call a whore a whore plus she deserves it:)

      • Howling. I know, FDA, I know… I personally thought you were being too kind. I would have gone with another word. HA

        Here’s to a good season in RedSox Nation!

      • FireDannyAinge

        She opened another twitter to insult me.lol I think I made an impression.

        I hope I taught her a lesson. If you are going to be a Yankee fan don’t be stupid enough to advertise it on twitter. Red Sox Nation will call you out if you do.

        She’s a stupid ^^^^^^^

        She chased Yankee players until they knew what she was after and then she went for Tek. A man that had been married for 15 years and just got a divorce. Imagine how happy he was to have sex again.lol

        She’s beautiful. It’s too bad she is stupid.

  2. Man… I wish I had Twitterish stalkers… BLAST.

    • FireDannyAinge

      Call her a whore and you will.lol

      • I can’t! She preemptively blocked me. And I defended her kinda. Remember? I mean, why block ME? Maybe she’s friends with Nancy Brady.

      • FireDannyAinge

        I forgot and it makes no sense for her to block you. She’s a whore. She has no common sense. I mean really. How dumb are you to set up a second twitter account and tweet yourself, telling the world how great you are and how you only set up a twitter account so you could talk to yourself and then tweet me and insult me.lol

        It is classic whore.

        By the way I blocked her so she had no choice to make a new account.lol

  3. I am sad. We could have been best friends and had lengthy discussions about our husbands’ facial hair at the Cheesecake Factory. FDA. But not now. Her loss. I will find another Red Sox wife. And we will have lengthy discussions about baldness and imposters like Tom Brady’s sister. And we shall eat cheesecake. You can come. I mean, I guess.

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