OMG, I love my life

Every once in awhile ESPN comes up with an article that makes me cry, in a good way.

I read this article and I laughed and I literally had tears in my eyes. I still do. I won’t be able to stop smiling for at least a month. Oh wait, Paul Pierce as a question on Jeopardy. There goes the smile. WAIT, It’s back.

Danny Ainge was willing to trade Rondo for Stephen Curry. INJURED, Stephen Curry. OMG, Please do it Ainge. PLEASE. I mean this doesn’t top your Antoine for Raef Lafrentz trade but it’s close.

The small things that make me smile:)

Use your brains Ainge. You do not trade your only young asset because he won’t listen to your friend Doc Rivers. You replace the coach. You get a real coach in here who can control the little twit. Or better yet you should have controlled him YEARS AGO when he acted like a brat and did not listen to your coach.

Name one other coach in any other town that would still have Doc Rivers as coach after what has happened since 2009?

Instead the idiot owner of the Celtics sits on his hands while the GM trades away the only guy with potential. Yes Rondo is a product of the alleged hall of famers but you don’t trade him for a guy with knee issues.

What the heck am I doing. DO this trade Ainge. It’s perfect. I would do it. Come on AInge, DO it:)



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5 responses to “OMG, I love my life

  1. danny ainge is the worst GM in sports.

  2. and thats coming from a wizards fan

  3. It is the small things that makes one smile, isn’t it? I didn’t know this was “under consideration” until now. Now I’M laughing…

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