The only thing uglier then Canadians….

The Montreal Canadians are bitter. Plus they suck this year so I suppose cheering an injured player is all they’ve got.

Here is the video in a blog by some idiot named Greg Wyshynski. He thinks it is okay to cheer an injured player. Only if it’s Bruin though.

The reason I named this blog the only thing uglier then a Canadian is because the answer is a guy from NJ. They are worse then New Yorkers because their state sucks so bad it can’t even support a team of its own. So they attach themselves to which ever NY team is winning and pretend they are real fans. The teams they do have are labeled NY teams because they are so pathetic.

Chara is fine. I honestly don’t ever remember a Boston team cheering an injured player. We always cheer them as they are being carted off on their stretcher. I remember this because I am usually the one saying “Don’t cheer that mother ******* Yankee:) but I don’t cheer the injury.

I remember seeing Torri Hunter get injured and carted off at a Red Sox game when he was a Twin. I clapped for his exit. I used to love pre- Angel Torri.

I suppose I had a point but honestly I just feel pity for the mornic Canadians.


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