Two faced Rask wants to play more

Oh yes Tim Thomas isn’t a team player because he doesn’t want to sacrafice his principles and meet a President he doesn’t believe in but Rask can whine to a newspaper in Finland about playing time and no one calls him out for being selfish.

Maybe Rask thinks he is a Russian Figure skater. They always wait until they go back to Russia to whine about a gold medal being robbed of them even though they didn’t deserve to win in the first place. Is that you Irina Slutskaya? Have you been wearing a Rask facemask for the last few years to hide your whining ?????

I hate ESPN but someone made a fabulous comment in the comments section about how the reporter that wrote this Rask article has written about 6 articles on him this year. Why is everyone so set on talking about the back up? Maybe because the Bruins have no intentions of keeping Timmy and if he keeps running his mouth they might be able to find the perfect excuse to get rid of him.

Who called this months ago? me.


You can’t beat the virtual waiting room people. You can open extra rooms by copying the address and opening them in a new window but that is about it.

I am in that virtual waiting room with you. April 20th , here I come.


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