Hey Paul Pierce. There’s no “I” in team

I should have waited a day to write my 500th blog because this blog would have been classic FDA. It would have been why this blog was created. It all would have come full circle.

The Celtics won like 5 games in a row. Then they lost (Thanks Cavs) and this is when Paul Pierce decided to whine about his playing time. It’s always ALL about Paul.

I seriously hate this kid. He has always been the most selfish jerk known to man kind and yet because he gets a free pass from the refs no one ever calls him out when he acts like this.

It’s not even close to being the free pass Brady gets when he plays like crap because Brady is like an icon here in Boston. I know I sound like a broken record but Brady is white so when you are white and you win multiple titles in this town you get a free pass for life. Like Larry Bird.

Pierce is a whole different story. No matter what he does or how he acts he has always been free from any kind of media backlash. A lot of that had to do with Antoine Walker being in town at the time. Antoine was always blamed for everything (Bob Ryan started that) but Paul has always acted entitled and has always been selfish and still no backlash. It’s crazy.

Sorry I tend to talk this subject to death when it becomes a conversation. People usually just know to let me rant and eventually I shut up… until the next time I think about it.

Where was I? I don’t know just read the article where Paul uses the word I about a million times. Where the writer says

In a way, it was refreshing to see this sort of emotional outburst

Do you know what the media would have said if David Ortiz whined like this after a loss and only cared about his playing time? I can tell you how they would act. It just happened when Papi complained about a hit he wasn’t given and he interrupted Francona’s press conference.

This love fest for Pierce happened before they were gifted a title so it hasn’t nothing to do with him showing up at the end to claim all the glory. After all this is exactly what Paul Pierce has always done.

The rest of this article is hilarious too. Doc Rivers blames the refs because all calls should go in the Celtics favor. ROLLING EYES.

NO ONE gets more of a free pass from the refs like Paul Pierce and company yet they still whine when they lose. Of course Doc doesn’t mention the calls Cleveland didn’t get.

Even when the writer calls out Pierce for his sloppy play he makes an excuse for him

will probably realize that he was upset because he was part of the problem. (There’s no shame in that considering he chipped in 18 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists over 35 minutes — the big blemish on his stat line was seven turnovers.)

The NBA created this monster when they let Pierce get away with anything he wanted on the court. Then they blew this problem up to the size of the Empire State Building when they gave them a title to make the Celtics relevent again. They only have themselves to blame but it’s the NBA world that suffers.

Time to fix that David Stern.



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2 responses to “Hey Paul Pierce. There’s no “I” in team

  1. This condensed NBA season isn’t doing the “Aging 3” any favors. Paul being Paul is great blogging material, isn’t it?

  2. FireDannyAinge

    He has always been about himself but for years people were too busy blaming Antoine for everything that they refused to acknowledge it.

    When Antoine left Pierce got worse and he has never changed. Then they won and now they all get a free pass. I have NO respect for ANY organization that cheers Brian Scalabrine.

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