Bye Bruins. We are breaking up


The Bruins have hung Timmy Thomas out to dry and just so you know this has nothing to do with going to the White House and everything to do with a GM that doesn’t like the contract he gave a player and wants an excuse to trade said player.

So I would be a huge hypocrite if I stopped being a Celtics fan because they have no integrity and continued to support the Bruins who essentially are in the middle of doing the exact same thing right?

Cam Neely was on the radio today with the Bruins party line of….. Tim can do what he wants but…..

Then the Bruins players followed the same party line of he’s is his own person but……

Well I am following the FDA party line of, If you have no loyalty to anyone but your own stupid opinion then you don’t have me as a fan.

The end.



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2 responses to “Bye Bruins. We are breaking up

  1. Regardless of how America feels, Thomas gets a free pass because he gave us a Stanley Cup. Plus, there are things that are much more hilarious going on in the world right now, FDA. HILARIOUS. When I read about Jose Canseco this morning, I really, really, really wished I was psychic and could send you a mind message. Check it out. Best. Sports. Hilarity. Ever. Please have the same reaction I had…

  2. While the decision was totally within his right, the visit to the White House was ultimately about the team and their accomplishment…and he had to know every one associated with the organization would then be faced to comment on his “personal” decision…and the ripple automatically became a tsunami when not everyone answered in step with his position. I’m not close enough to the day-to-day situation to know anything about the contract issue. This isn’t worth losing a great player over. I know that much.

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