I want a Red Sox raise

I work really hard. My job may suck and it may not matter like being a Red Sox outfielder but OMG I want a raise of more than 66%.

I am not debating that Jacoby has a great year last season and deserved to get a raise but how much sense does it make to give him 3 times the money he made last year when he is still arbitration eligible?

This is what we did with Papelbon. We made him think he was worth for than he was and by the time he became a free agent he wanted more than he was worth.

We are not the only ones. 21 million for Tim Lincecum ?

No offense but this kid is going to want 25 plus million a year when he becomes eligible.

In other news of more money than he is worth

The Sox just paid Saltalamacchia 2.5 million.

There is no way any other team would pay him that much money so it’s not like we would have had any competition for him.


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4 responses to “I want a Red Sox raise

  1. And yet we don’t have money for pitchers? I do not understand the payroll dilemma AT ALL.

  2. I have been trying to figure out the payroll thing also. Somebody really messed up big-time in “accounting” if the news for Boston fans is now…we maxed out our bank account. The perfect end to 2011, right? When does 2012 start, Ben?

  3. And- I think your job matters, FDA. Retail is important! And hard. It is hard. And frustrating. I would so give you a raise if I owned the world.
    Why can’t I own the world, FDA?
    The Red Sox would have a real roster. And Joba would be the new subway rat guy.

    • FireDannyAinge

      It really doesn’t matter (my job) but when you get your own newspaper one day you can hire me to write weekly Danny Ainge hate columns. I would be so great at that.

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