Don’t watch this video

ESPN sucks

This is why I HATE the Boston media. Only they would do a year in review and show the bad stuff. Oh but lets celebrate Ray Allen making 3’s even though he has been here two $*&(**** years like this accomplishment MATTER’S AT ALL.

Yes I am a little mad. I have yet to see the red sox blow the lead because I was smart enough to go to sleep and follow on my phone and I have avoided it for the last 3 MONTHS but does ESPN care? nooo. Well BITE ME espn because I am so much smarter than you think. I muted the video and shut it off before I saw it NANANANA f********** bo ya.

Good night. REMEMBER, Don’t watch the video Red Sox Nation. Don’t do it.



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4 responses to “Don’t watch this video

  1. Thank you for the heads-up. Sounds like a public service to all.

  2. okay, okay! i won’t.
    i read an article that says tek is coming back.
    it’s cold here.

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