This is bad. This is bad. This is real bad. This would be like if Timmy Thomas became the Canadians goalie. This would be like Derek Lowe becoming a Yankee.

Did you hear me screaming too soxy? I literally screamed. I made the mistake of checking ESPN before your blog but I don’t think that would have broken my little old heart any less.

You see for some reason I grew attached to Hideki Okajima even though the first time I heard his name I thought about that Yankee (first name) and now I have to hate him?

Yes the only reason I would have ever used the same words Oki and hate in the same sentence is if he became a Yankee and that is exactly what happened.

I went on break today at like 2.45 and I felt the need to check my phone at work (I have internet) I felt like something was up but I couldn’t figure out that something was up. Oki and I just had that kind of connection.

So I got home from work and went I went straight to ESPN. Before I clicked on ESPN Boston I said to myself if there is no news on the front page of ESPN than they won’t have any news on their Boston page and then I saw it. Oki signs a minor league deal with…………………………………. THEM. It registered right away. I screamed, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and the rest is broken heart hell.

I HATE NY. I hate the whole state. All they do is try and get ex Sox players. They are always trying to get Bronson Arroyo AND Derek Lowe and now they took Oki???



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  1. It’s going to be okay. totally. I can feel it. Just blogged about how okay it’s going to be. You should eat chocolate or something and listen to some Avril.

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