What I want for Christmas

Besides 300 million dollars after taxes????

This is what I want for now. I will think of some more:)

Merry Christmas

6-The NBA to get what is coming to them. No one watching and no one caring and no one at games.

5- Patriots Superbowl win. A nice easy win that doesn’t come down to a field goal or touchdown at the end.

4- Stanley Cup win for the Bruins with Tim Thomas in goal.

3- Nastia Liukin not to make the 2012 Olympic team. The media whore needs to retire and stop being a phony.

2- I want the Celtics out in the first round of the playoffs. Swept by someone like the Indiana Pacers.Paul Pierce will finally get the bad karma he deserved years ago and will be booed out of town.

1- Red Sox World Series win in 4 games. I want payback for all those haters from 2011.



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