Sox vs Yankees in the ALDS? WTF

New rules for baseball.

You can now play a team from your division in the ALDS. OMG Yankees in the first round?

More fines for slow play. This rule is just wrong. The integrity of the game will be questioned.

Fines for calling out the umpires? lame. The umpires suck and should be held accountable. What is this figure skating?



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6 responses to “Sox vs Yankees in the ALDS? WTF

  1. I’ll agree to all of these rules if they’ll just let me keep Tek. I’ll make up new rules. More rules! Shittier rules! Just please let me keep Tek! I’ll feed him and everything. All you have to do is sign here, Ben Cherington, where it says that you authorize Tek to be your new Curt Young. Thanks.

  2. FireDannyAinge

    I am not a big Tek fan but I would keep him over Shoppach any day.

  3. I love playing 162 games over six months and then having a one game playoff. That’s just beautiful. By the way, that’s just sarcasm.

  4. i wish it was figure skating. Wouldn’t baseball be neat on ice?

    • FireDannyAinge

      Skating has secret judging which means no one can know who gave what scores and if they counted. So places like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus etc.. all stick together and cheat. I think Canada cheats too.

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