The NBA keeps cheating and falling

Hey Chauncey Billips.

Just because the media thinks you are a good guy doesn’t mean you are. You have never been a good guy. You have never been a great player. You have always been a punk, the media just never called you out on your selfish shot selection. Or career 41 % shooting percentage so now that you are whining like a baby and threatening teams not to claim you on the waiver wire it does not change what I have always known about you. You are a jerk. Oh and a rapist


Turns out the NBA/David Stern didn’t care about the whining NBA owners after all when they screwed the Lakers out of Chris Paul. It turns out the did this for other reasons.

They don’t mention the reasons why in this article but it is pretty obvious the NBA wants the Hornets to have a better situation cap wise so they can sell the team for more of a profit. The Hornets made a great deal that helped the team win now. They actually got some talent in this deal but the NBA didn’t want a fair trade. They wanted the opposite.

The NBA basically threatened the Hornets GM. Read the comments below

Hornets general manager Dell Demps, according to sources, had been told by the league to focus on acquiring either younger players (Martin is 29, Scola is 31, and Odom is 32) or more draft picks in order to help the Hornets build for the future.

Boycott the NBA

and in more fun news the ever adorable Tyson Chandler continues his journey of playing on NBA teams I hate. First Dallas and now the Knicks…..

Anyone else find it interesting the Knicks can get a good player to add to other alleged good players but the Lakers cannot?



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5 responses to “The NBA keeps cheating and falling

  1. Yes. I think I will boycott basketball. Gosh, that will be hard…

  2. Hey, that sounds like sarcasm from TooSoxy. Wow, who would have thought…? I can’t boycott the NBA but I reserve the right to rip it…once I feel motivated.

  3. As far as I’m concerned, the NBA is getting exactly what it deserves.

    About several thousand lifetimes ago, David Stern recommended one his ‘top’ executives to the NHL as their next commissioner. Gary Bettman was hired and the rest is a dark, sad history. The NHL is finally beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel… mind you, when Bettman was hired, hockey was the number three sport of the 4 Major Leagues, the NBA having slipped to number four. Oh well, Kharma can be a bitch.

    Sure, football went through a lockout, but neither league of the disbanded NFLPA would allow such a blatant mockery of the American payscale in public. Pro Basketball players were made to look like the greediest expletive deleted bunch of guys this side of Bernie Madoff. Combine that with this new concept of the ‘Super-trio’.. going beyond any concept of a Celtics ‘Big-Three’… the entire NBA is being turned into the American League East.

  4. FireDannyAinge

    As a member of the AL East if you want a salary cap I am ALL for it. The only reason the Red Sox spend as much money as they do is because they have no choice. To compete with NY you need to spend money.
    In fact Toronto, Tampa and Baltimore have all started spending a little money the last few years because they know they have to to compete.

    I feel ALL tax money should be spent on payroll. That should be the only purpose of it. Some owners are just taking the money and running.

    The only issue I have with the NHL is when they got that hard cap the ticket prices never went down. If you want to see an NHL game it’s 180 for a seat good enough to see the players faces on the ice. The owners got rich and the fans still get screwed.

    I actually agree with you about the NBA. They are getting exactly what they deserve. The owners are no better than the players.

    I have thought about the Chris Paul situation and I now get why the owners did what they did. They are mad that they gave in and the players refused too but they have only themselves to blame for the Chris Paul’s of the world demanding trades to certain places. Who cares what Paul wants. Send him where you want to send him and if he doesn’t like it he doesn’t get paid.

    Thanks for your comments:)

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