Danny Ainge needs to officially change his name to Liar

I would hate for Chris Paul to be traded to Boston. God shoot me now if the evil green team actually get him but this whole situation is giving me goose bumps. I feel like I have been here before. Oh wait I have.

I don’t have the stomach to go search for articles (except this one) and post links so I will just tell you what is going on.

Danny Ainge has been trying to trade Rajon Rondo to the Hornets for Chris Paul but they refused to do it unless Paul signed a contract extension. Paul told them NO WAY I will not re-sign in Boston. So the trade was off.

Turns out Rajon is REALLY mad that the Celtics have been shopping him so after Paul said he would not re-sign here Danny Ainge went into panic mode and was on every news and TV station telling the world he would not trade Rondo and that they want him here forever.

HA, Hold the telephone bat man now the Celtics are saying that Chris Paul does not need to sign a contract extension and they will still do the trade.

This is CLASSIC Ainge. He lies to the players face, the fans. He lies to everyone and then he does the opposite. Here’s the kicker now the Celtics fans hate Rondo. They say he has a bad attitude. That he needs to change and that they want Chris Paul.

Chris Paul is a great player and I would hate to have him here even for one season so I can’t wish for this trade to happen but if it does this is CLASSIC Boston since the douche bag was hired.

WHERE IS KARMA. Karma would be for Paul to go to the Lakers haha. Actually as much as I DON’T want this to happen , karma would be for Paul to be traded to Boston where he would get injured and not play a single game. Then he would go sign with the Knicks and lead them to a NBA championship. You see we hate NY here in Boston so maybe karma would have him sign in LA and win a title. Yep I like that better.

Here is what could happen. The evil team gets Paul (nooooo) They trade him for Rondo. NOTHING good happens, he either gets hurt or sucks or whatever then the Celtics have traded away their only young piece of talent (even if he is overrated) then Danny Ainge see’s that he has given away the youth and he quits and leaves the Celtics in shambles. Where they suck for years and years and we have a new curse, the curse of Danny Ainge hence proving me right:)

Wyc Grousbeck you so deserve to have NOTHING for what you did in 2003 and how you have acted since then. Only problem is Danny Ainge still gets to be happy. If anyone deserves pure hell it is Ainge.



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4 responses to “Danny Ainge needs to officially change his name to Liar

  1. I tried to make a Danny Ainge comment this weekend. You would have been impressed if it had worked. It didn’t work.

  2. FireDannyAinge

    People are still in denial about Ainge but they won’t be in a few years. FACT, If he wasn’t friends with Kevin Mchale and Kevin Mchale wasn’t the second biggest idiot on this planet behind Ainge, Kevin Garnett never would have been traded to Boston and this experiment would have been called out years ago.

    I have faith that one day Danny Ainge will get what is coming to him. He has too.

    I am proud that you attempted to shut up a evil team fan member and impressed:)

  3. It becomes more clear with each day that passes why there is a blog called “Fire Danny Ainge.”

    • FireDannyAinge

      When I first started the blog I got 500 hits a day, then they won (thanks for nothing Kevin Mchale) and people thought they would win every year.

      I have to hope that some day Danny AInge will be known for what he actually did and not the one title they won because Kevin Mchale is the dumbest ^&&&*** on planet earth.

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