Oh Papi

I sit here watching this with tears in my eyes. How could this David Ortiz be the same guy that sat at ESPN telling them he didn’t love us anymore.


Then we have this Curt Schilling. How does this Curt Schilling turn into the 2011 version?

Sigh again

I LOVE Wakefield, Timlin and Tek’s wives singing NY NY at 4.58.lol

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One response to “Oh Papi

  1. Curt Schilling was clearly taken over by a malicious spirit. I saw this movie this one time… the exorcist? It’s like that. You can look it up. I think it’s on Netflix.
    Papi was just having a bad day. A very bad day.
    But Curt Schilling isn’t Curt Schilling anymore. Like in the Shining (you can look that up too) where the kid, I think his name is Billy? Or Bobby? Or Robbie? No! It was Danny! Yes. And someone talks him him, and he’s all, “Danny isn’t here.” It’s like that. But there’s much, much, MUCH more talking. I am thankful for horror movies and SPOT ON metaphors.

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