Money for nothing

The first to blow the coup is non other than, I only want the money Jonathon Papelbon.

He is off to blow games for the Phillies.

12.5 million a year. Isn’t that close to what he got paid here?

I am not sad at all. He is overrated but I have NO DOUBT he will go to the National league and be the new Rivera. If he has stayed here he would have sucked.

Boston dirt dogs had the best line.

“J. Papelbon
(Globe File Photo)
Papelbon Packed His Bags to Leave Boston Three Years Ago”


This is why I hate NY and anyone that plays there.
Honestly I think fans of both teams would agree that this idiot should become a Cardinals fan.

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One response to “Money for nothing

  1. We don’t want Poupon in Philly. We need professional hitters, not psycho closers. Boo.

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