Close your eyes

If you close your eyes while Ben Cherington is talking it’s like Theo never left town.

I have been listening to our new GM for the last hour be interviewed on NESN and he sounds just like Theo.

I don’t know what else to say? Maybe I will make a picture.



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3 responses to “Close your eyes

  1. No, see. Theo was like, “John Lackey’s a great pitcher.” And Ben Cherington’s like, “No John Lackey for 2012.” If this was a school student council election, that’s like, the equivalent of pizza Fridays, FDA.

  2. Pizza Fridays = good times. In Philly, it remains an adult ritual you have to get Pizza on Fridays. And, there are about 2 million places that make the stuff. I have no earthly idea how they all stay in business…unless that’s not ALL that sells. What happens at the Pizza parlor…stays at the Pizza parlor.

  3. FireDannyAinge

    I have so been crazing Pizza. Small world. Maybe I am meant to get pizza. hmm

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