Laugh til you cry

This is hilarious to me. Here we are. Like 5 years after this loser has been gone and he still can’t get over the fact he is booed.

Why are baseball players so stupid? Damon is a perfect example. He seriously can’t grasp the concept of becoming a Yankee and getting booed.

I laughed reading this and literally had tears in my eyes.

He gave these comments August of this year. Just doe already Damon and do me a favor, Take Ortiz with you.

I am done.

“I was just trying to get the job done. Oh, he’s good. He started me off with a first-pitch slider. It started here [belt-high] and then broke down. Then he throws me two more pitches in the same spot but they happened to be fastballs. The boos? You know what? It doesn’t matter to me. I was like the fourth player from the ’04 team who went to the New York Yankees. It is what it is. And they’ve had a few Yankee guys come over here. It’s all OK when players opt out of their contracts and come here. J.D. Drew—that’s OK with them as long as they’re wearing the Red Sox uniform. So that’s how the fans are here.”

David Ortiz, this is going to be you. Congrats on your Clemente award.


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