STFU Schilling

Does he ever shut up? I still can’t figure out why they still interview him on weei anymore. Oh that’s right. EEI is now not even second in the ratings and Schillings big mouth brings in the ratings. For some. Not for me.

If Curt Schilling has any integrity he would have come up with this opinion when he played. He waited until his friend left.

Thongs ended badly in Boston because Schilling was a cow during his last year here and he made like 10 million and did nothing. Gee Red Sox why didn’t you sign him on for another 5 years? If anyone was eating himself out of a job it was Schilling.

This just proves me right again. I am telling you Francona is the one that leaked this info to the Globe.

I am going to find a picture of the 2004 red sox and cross off the ones that are now dead to me. The picture will be one bog X.

I have always said I liked the 2003 team more than the 2004 team and I now wish they had won the world series instead. You never hear anything out of Todd Walker and he would have been our MVP that playoffs.



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2 responses to “STFU Schilling

  1. Anyone waiting for Curt to shut up will be dead…and still hear him talking whether he is or not.

  2. FireDannyAinge

    I know he is never shutting up but he puts himself in the middle of every story. I agree with some of the stuff he says so this isn’t a case of not agreeing with him so I want him to shut up. It’s a case of him making this all about him.

    He called into the radio station today to comment about what Lester said yesterday. It’s like OMG shut up already.

    We know he has a hidden agenda here. He is friends with Francona. This just makes me think Francona wants him to talk. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is partially behind why Schilling won’t shut up. He has to breath sometime right? so eventually he will have no choice but to STFU

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