John Henry gets mad

Apparently this afternoon John Henry was listening to the radio. He didn’t like what was being said so he got pissed and strolled in to 98.5 and told them off.

I didn’t hear it but they are repeating to at 5 pm today, now.

Here is what he said according to an article

Link to the radio station


John called out the media for saying the info about Tito came from him or Larry or Tom. Felger back tracks with the best of them after John Henry calls him out. I hate Felger with a passion and Mass isn’t much better.

Felger tries to bait John Henry because someone commented about Tito’s divorce they should talk about everyone’s divorce.

Mass and Felger whine that no one in the organization denied leaking the Francona stuff even though the article writer said they were not the people.

Felger ass kissers and tells Henry to come on the show. Felger and Mass says they have asked and don’t know if the info has be relayed and John Henry mocks him and is like, I wonder why no one tells

They talk about liverpool and how both the sox and them are worried John Henry won’t spend money on both organizations.

Felger is so rude.

Felger says that Henry only spent the money on the sox for PR and Henry says that is wrong, you don’t spend 300 million for publicity.

John Henry was against signing Crawford but he doesn’t make baseball decisions. He thought we had enough left handed hitters.Then Mass says they signed Crawford for ratings. Henry says he wasn’t concerned about ratings. He didn’t need to prove he was going to spend money here.

Felger is like yelling at John Henry. If I was Henry I would never come to this station.


Henry says he didn’t fire Theo. He didn’t pick up the options. Manny was so upset about the Options so they traded him. Tito was not upset about his options, the contract says both options had to be picked up at the same time but they did not have one discussion about a replacement manager.

John Henry said unless they have a better options he wanted to pick them up but the organization as a whole doesn’t like to pick up options early.

He does not remember about picking up Pedro’s option. He only remember that Pedro bashed them even though they picked up his option early because he wanted the option picked up early.

Francona told them he did not want to come back. John Henry says Francona never said he wanted his options picked up that he was aksed a question and answered it.

Asks Henry about how no one knew about the drinking, He says how am I supposed to know if Dustin Pedroia didn’t know. Felger says Dustin must have known and Henry calls Felger out for calling everyone a liar. Henry says I guess we aren’t the ones that are Classic.

Felgers wants to know if he feels like a chump after having that yacht party for a bunch of ungrateful players. Henry doesn’t really answer he just kind of talks about nothing. He says the players didn’t want to play that double header because it was competitive disadvantage to play those games. Not because they were lazy like Felger and Mass said.

The players complained that the owners are more interested in money then winning. (This had to do with the double header) Players were exhausted at the double header point) John Henry said they were whining because they had a right to whine but he didn’t mean it like it


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  1. I think I’m going to be compelled at some point to do a little post of my own offering my take on all of this nonsense in Boston, admittedly from a distance…what an off-off-season…

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