It’s not a smear campaign if it’s true.

Bash the Red Sox day is back in full swing and boy is the National media picking it up.

But the question I ask you is, If it’s true then what the hell are you whining about?

Do I agree with the media telling the world about Terry Francona’s issue with pills? No I don’t but explain to me why ANYONE has an issue with the truth being told if it’s the truth?

Nomar is a bitter old loser who got traded because he acted like a selfish jerk in the clubhouse. That’s a fact that every single red sox fan saw during that Yankee series when he sat on his ass while the entire team went on the field to fight with the evil empire. Literally.

No one loves Derek Lowe more than I do but is it not true he was out running around on his wife and drinking up a storm?

Is it not true that Mo Vaughn used to hang out at strip clubs?

Not to mention that all this stuff was out in the media BEFORE these guys were traded or not resigned.

Blaming the red sox for the media starting their usual bull shit is stupid.

There’s a pattern here says Nomar. yes there is, It’s called the Red Sox.

Why is the current owners being blamed for info that got out about Mo Vaugh?

The only real constant here is that the media is starting their typical bull shit.

This place is such a terrible place to play but it doesn’t stop Nomar from asking to re-sign here to end his career?

It didn’t stop Mo Vaughn from recently coming back and throwing out the first pitch.

We treated Bill Buckner so badly he got a f****** standing ovation the next year his very first at bat. Oh and I have I mentioned he has been back twice recently?

Don’t even get me started on Manny Rameriz. The second you mentioned him any list to had it lost all credibility.

Back when the Red Sox re-signed Nomar for one day so he could retire a Red Sox I wrote a blog about how classy it was for the Red Sox to do that when they didn’t have to with the way Nomar acted during his time here.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Don’t expect to be cheered again Nomar because it won’t be happening here.

Francona is denying that he quit on this team but from what has been told by Sports Attitude about Terry’s time in Philly he was accused of doing the same thing there.

All of this started because the Boston Globe wrote an article. Nugg said.



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4 responses to “It’s not a smear campaign if it’s true.

  1. JW

    There’s a difference between “telling the truth” and needlessly airing somebody’s dirty laundry in public. You’re correct thought thins a a media thing, not a Red Sox thing.

    Oh, and about the Buckner thing…I love how you glazed over the whole “literally got run of town” thing.

    • FireDannyAinge

      He signs pictures of the ball going through his legs. I have no sympathy for Bill ” I go to events with Mookie wilson to make money which makes it look like I let the ball go through my legs on purpose ” Buckner.

      I hate the media.

  2. Terry was a real pacifist during his time in Philly and never got on anyone about anything, which was his undoing. He was just kinda there, taking up space. A nice guy who finished by getting whacked. As for this piece in the Boston press, no matter what you think about Terry IMHO the medical/painkiller thing is a real cheap shot after the fact. I also saw that idiot White Sox C A.J. Whatever comment that he certainly has had a beer during games. Maybe I’ve been living with my head in the sand but I did not think drinking alcohol during the games themselves was commonplace. Perhaps I am naive in thinking that drinking could be put on hold while games were taking place…maybe not. Maybe these guys are so bored with the sport they have to drink ALL the time.

    • FireDannyAinge

      I agree with you about the pills but if he was popping them as much as it seems than everyone knew about it and just kept quiet.

      When you lose it all comes out but I have a HUGE problem if this was going on for two years and Francona did NOTHING about it.

      The Boston media sucks. It is that simple. When it comes to selling out the red sox they are the first in line.

      According to an article my mother just read to me from online Adrian Gonzalez said he never complained about the schedule. They asked him if the schedule was tough and he said yes and the media turned it around. He didn’t clarify because he knew it would just sound worse.

      The Red Sox players need to boycott the Globe and Herald. No interviews and ban them from the club house.

      I don’t buy either paper and haven’t in years.

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