Take that Bud Selig

The only 3 teams whose fans actually watch baseball are all out of the playoffs. Are you happy now?

You screwed the Red Sox all so you could promote the stupid Tampa Bay Devil Rays as some kind of underdog God and now you’ve got nothing.

Bug Selig deserves a world series no one watches. The Phillies losing is just another strange occurence to the 2011 baseball season. First our collapse, the Yankees cheating, the Yankees losing and now the best team losing in some kind of freak performance from Chris Carpenter. What’s he think this is 2004 or something?

I hate baseball. My sympathies Bruce, baseball, You deserve this hell and so does your dog Bud too.



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2 responses to “Take that Bud Selig

  1. K, thank you for the sympathy shout-out! B

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