Karma’s a ******* bitch:)

They tried to cheat again.lol Can’t win on your own NY? Let make the pitcher take off his band-aid to rattle him cuz you can”t hit. Classic.

The cheaters are out. That’s right a stress-less ******* ALCS? OMG I wanna cry.

Not in the sad way Keith Urban is crying but in the happy way I wanna cry right now.

I love Victor Martinez. No really he can’t throw anyone out from home plate but boy can he hit those Yankees.

The Yankees leave the bases loaded twice, A-Rod hits 1-11 in the series.

OMG, I love baseball:)

Shut up Yankee fans. We choked, unlike you we can admit it and move on.

I personally would love a Arizona/Tigers world series with the Tigers winning. I wouldn’t mind Arizona winning. Heck I wouldn’t mind the Phillies either. I would prefer no Zack Grienke or damn Texas Rangers but I am just so damn happy the cheaters and devils are out.





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2 responses to “Karma’s a ******* bitch:)

  1. “I wouldn’t MIND the Phillies either…” K, where IS the love? The bridge-jumping in the Bronx has begun. The Evil Empire strikes out once more. Put a big ol’ band-aid on your team, New York.

  2. FireDannyAinge

    The Tigers have always been my second favorite AL team. Probably because we always beat them.lol but like I said, the cheaters and devils are out so whomever wins is all good but I really don’t like Texas:)

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