Damn Tigers ruin my day

Why couldn’t they just do their job and take out the Skankees? at home.

Thanks Texas Rangers. At least your rid us of the demen seed.



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2 responses to “Damn Tigers ruin my day

  1. If Granderson doesn’t regroup and catch that ball in the first inning with the bases loaded probably a different result. AJ would have blown up completely and the Tiggers would have moved on. Now, it will be up to the Rangers to take down the Evil Empire.

  2. FireDannyAinge

    Texas will be swept by NY and it will be up to Philly to take out NY In dramatic fashion because karma needs to get them for cheating those last 3 games.

    I do have a possibility that might be different but you won’t like it Bruce. I can totally see some kind of Cosmic force of the world having the world series be Texas vs Philly and Texas winning because Cliff Lee went to Philly and not back to Texas. I am such a conspiracy theorist.lol

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