More fun articles about the Sox

An un-named player defends the players in this article.

Kevin Youkilis defends himself in this article.

So much fun.

Youkilis didn’t deny he was an asshole but he instead tried to say Mcmullen doesn’t come around enough to know anything. I HATE Jackie Mcmullen but I don’t like Youkilis either so it’s like who do you believe? Neither has any street cred with me.

I do know the stuff about Youkilis not liking Jacoby came out a long time ago when Yoouk said he would be there if he was injured.

I do love how Youkilis dances around the locker of

Youkilis sure likes to talk. And talk and talk and….

Gorden Edes wants to know what we would do

My answers, Keep Papi. Good riddance Papelbon, Keep Scuturo ( i like him), Bye Tek, okay maybe as a back up we can keep to get him. Hell hire him as a manager. Keep Wakefield as a 5th starter, So long Miller, Drew, Wheeler, Jackson and Bedard.

Bye Beckett,Dice, Lackey and Jenks, (Trade them) Shocking Lauren I say keep Youkilis unless he really is a trouble maker. Give Crawford another year to get used to us. I like Jed as a back up and last but not least Salty. I am indifferent. He is okay but we need a real catcher. If we can get a real catcher than so long hot salty.

So much drama.


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One response to “More fun articles about the Sox

  1. Youkilis is perfect. PERFECT.
    Of COURSE you want to keep Youkilis. Of COURSE you do.

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