It’s Official. Francona is out and it was his decision.

Read it here. I call BS.

Francona wanted out according to the statement. Was this a case of I know you want me out or I am leaving or a case of I can’t handle it anymore?

If Francona wanted out and he ends up with the White Sox than I am not going to be happy. That means he abandoned us and it isn’t the Red Sox fault. It means as a fan I should not feel bad. I will cheer him even though I hate the White Sox. Once he beats us I reserve the right to change my mind.

If this is spin and Theo really did go to management and say Francona needed to go than I am on Francona’s side. Poor Francona saw the writing on the wall.


I was literally in tears this morning


Okay so I know I am the women that made this sign above but I was just mad. I didn’t mean it.

I was literally in tears this morning when I was awaken from my sleep by my sister telling me she just got a text saying Tito was fired.

I got up. I read about it and was shocked. As mad as I get for some of the stuff Francona does he doesn’t deserve to be fired. When I discussed it with my sister an hour later I literally had tears streaming down my face.

We discussed the situation while the meeting was going on and I told my sister that they don’t keep you in a meeting for an hour and a half when they are firing you. Turns out I might be right.

My sister and I both think that maybe Francona has had enough of the alleged prima donna’s on the 2011 Red Sox and that he asked out.
Maybe he is sick of dealing with the media, the players, the situation, the pressure and yes maybe even us fans. What if the meeting was to talk Terry into staying as the manager and not to fire him.

A lot of the radio people are speculating that some of the chemistry was off on the 2011 team. They also mentioned there were a lot of cliques in the club house. They also said guys were complaining about the buses the team took for travel and they made big deals out of this. I say GIVE ME A BREAK, I complain about buses I take. That is normal

The press conference that happened yesterday also had a lot of things said that made people thinking Francona would be gone before today’s rumor. He didn’t wear a Sox shirt or hat and he always does in press conferences. ( I was told. I listened to it on my way home I didn’t see it) he looked upset. he practically ran out of the ball park.


The Boston news (abc) just said that even though the statement says nothing in finalized that it will eventually happen and that when Tito leaves it will be billed as a mutual agreement.

They also said that the reason Tito was fired is because he refused to do anything when the star players weren’t doing their job. This could actually be true because this is what they did when Schilling was an ass.

Lou Pinella, Bobby Valentine and Dave Martinez are mentioned as possible replacements. GOD help us NO PINELLA. I’ll shoot myself.

I want to know which players were jerks and wouldn’t listen to Tito and just how long it is going to take to kick their butts out of town?

I do find it funny that I wrote a blog not that long ago about how I didn’t like this team.



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2 responses to “It’s Official. Francona is out and it was his decision.

  1. Well, we KNOW it wasn’t Kevin Youkilis.
    So. I think I got that job. I mean, I might not take it. But. Um. I could. So. It’s something to think about. I would make like, exactly the same amount of money that I make right now.
    But… I would be an hour away from Boston instead of 35 thousand hours away from Boston.
    I would be working for a 24-year-old.
    So. There’s that.
    And I mentioned going to Providence and Boston frequently, and he said something strange, like “most of the time you’d want to be like, twenty minutes away in case we had breaking news.”
    So. There’s that too.
    But there are whales on the coast of Mass. And I could see them.
    And running into Kevin Youkilis at a Cheesecake Factory in the next year would at least be a remote possibility instead of an impossibility.
    So many decisions.
    I might just wait until the town of Boston needs a new Heidi Watney.

    • FireDannyAinge

      Congrats on the job opportunity. Youkilis wasn’t around for this debacle so I don’t think it could be him. I just want to know who it was.

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