Wait till next year

No one was more pissed than me last night. When I wrote I was done with baseball thanks to the Yankees losing on purpose and no one caring I meant it. That was even before I read about the Orioles acting like they won the world series after last nights win but when I woke up this morning and heard the world making fun of us the only thing I could do was defend my team.

It’s one thing to be a bitter Angels or Cleveland fan because we beat you always and in 2007 but it’s another thing to just be a spiteful hypocritical, jealous, douche bag for the sake of being a spiteful, hypocritical, jealous, douche bag.

So I leave you with this video. I suggest you watch it. All of it because when we come back and kick your ass Baltimore or Tampa or Cheating New York I am going to give you the same courtesy you gave me as a fellow baseball fan.


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  1. Very inspirational video. Pitchers and catchers will report to Spring Training shortly…

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