When cheaters win

The Yankees are losing games on purpose to avoid playing the Red Sox in the playoffs and no one seems to think it’s an issue. Why is this?

I know the red sox are to blame for this situation. They are losing and all the injuries aside they only have themselves to blame when it concerns their own losses but what the Yankees are doing is blatant cheating and MLB needs to look into it.

They take out their pitcher at 81 pitcher and bring in the guy that has choked away almost as many games as we have. He gives up a 3 run homer.

So while the Braves are blowing their wild card lead in the west it’s only the red sox that are getting called names. No one even mentioned the Braves until the other day.

If the Red Sox were starting no name pitchers and taking out their hitters in key situations to lose on purpose the media would be all over us but the Yankees get a free pass.

The Rays actually think they are winning these games on their own by the comments they are making.

I think I am done with baseball. MLB doesn’t deserve my money or support.



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10 responses to “When cheaters win

  1. I think you should illustrate this point with paint. I think you should illustrate all points with paint. You’ve inspired me. I kind of want to quit my job and just… um… paint.

  2. PS- I have an interview with something in the Rochester/Marion/Something else area… an hour outside of Boston? Thoughts?

  3. it’s for a job, fda! a job.

  4. FireDannyAinge

    I know it’s a job but you have to be interviewing these people for a reason.lol

    Is it about the cities they live in, their lives they live in these citites etc…

  5. no! it’s a job -interview-. but, I kind of want to live in a state for winners. so maybe i should move back to florida. GAHK.
    I just need time.

  6. FireDannyAinge

    All of those places are a trek from Fenway. You need a job in Boston. Trust Boston isn’t as great as you think and if you have to deal with the media when they write crap and you live in the same state which means you can’t get a way from it you just might want to smack someone.

  7. i have a new song for you. it is called sky scraper by demi lovato. you need it. i almost ripped my car stereo out when jar of hearts played today.

  8. FireDannyAinge

    That girl annoys but I’ll listen and get back to you.
    How are you doing today?

  9. i’m still not ready to talk about it. maybe tomorrow.

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