A team of one


After Jacoby hit a homerun I started making these pictures. Than Lavernway hit a homerun. Hey I’ll mock if it means we start hitting.

Then Bedard gives up a hit. I feel sick. Sick that I can’t enjoy a 4 run lead.




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3 responses to “A team of one

  1. Yes. That is what I see.

  2. Terry F used to get crucified in Philly for showing no emotion and not being able to fire anyone up. It sounds like that drumbeat is getting louder north of me now…

  3. FireDannyAinge

    He doesn’t show emotion but the other night he made me feel sorry for him. He was shaking back and forth chewing his gum like he was trying to get the flavor out of it. I literally thought he was going to have a heart attack and mind you he had no expression on his face at the time. He just looked petrified.

    I know I contradict myself by saying no expression/petrified but it was weird to see.

    Last year he got kicked out of a game and I thought he was just trying to motivate his team. I honestly thought he was faking the anger but he had to go to the hospital for heart issues.

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