My name is FDA and I am an alcoholic.

Remember today. Sunday, September 25th 2011. The day I became a full fledged alcoholic. Thanks Red Sox.

Here is what I do when I am bored.



Well we just used our only decent pitcher because of his contract year and it is still tied in the 11th or 12th I forget. I out lasted too soxy. She found a life and abandoned me.

Even if we get a lead who are we bringing in to save it? Wheeler? Ha.

I should go to bed but here I sit torchering myself for the inevitable.

OMNG It’s Morales. Oki! I miss you.



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5 responses to “My name is FDA and I am an alcoholic.

  1. We won. WE won. Us and Jacoby. NO ONE ELSE.

  2. You lost to the Bills! I had no idea it had gone that far. I just wanted you to lose a little. Never in my wildest- never… wow. I have great power. I must harness it.
    Off to go do that…

  3. FireDannyAinge

    The Bills are 3-0 this year. Someone else lost to them too:)

    Jacoby CAN do it all. I followed it on my phone

  4. Bill B might want to look into getting someone who can get him a yard or two at the goal line. But hey, the Eagles get first dibs on anyone who can fill that role. Andy R has a problem inside the five yard line as well.

  5. FireDannyAinge

    Bill needs defense. Lots of defense.

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