Ending the season with 24 games against the AL East

This is a new thing right? We are ending the season as is everyone with playing our last 24 games against the AL East. Each team will do the same with their division.

Is this MLB’s way of screwing us over? The fact is we play in the hardest division in baseball. Even the teams that suck could own the other divisions in the AL. The Toronto Blue Jays just fall and die against NY. Always have and always will. The Yankees have a cake walk against them. Imagine if the Blue Jays didn’t have to play NY 19 times a year?

Sure the Sox play Baltimore well but, we didn’t used to. Anyone remember 2003 and 3004. Go read Steven King’s book on the Sox during 2004.

So while Texas and the Angels have to play Oakland and Seattle the Tigers get to play three of the worst teams in baseball, KC, Cleveland and the White Sox. Minnesota usually plays better than they have this year.

Seems weird to me.


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