The Yankees are obsessed with the Red Sox

Kareem Garcia hates us

Brian Cashman feels the need to run up the price on players we might want to sign

and all this stuff comes out right before a series that has no meaning to the Yankees but has the red sox on the front page of every sports section because we are in the middle of a choke.

Yet all the news now is about the Yankees.

NY can’t handle being second fiddle even if it is only in the loss column so they feel the need to stalk us 365 days a year.

The Yankees as a whole remind me of a child. They are so desperate for attention that they will even seek out negative attention just to have their names in the news.



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4 responses to “The Yankees are obsessed with the Red Sox

  1. Popularity. It comes with great responsibility, FDA. Never forget that.

  2. FireDannyAinge

    Okay I will not forget.

  3. I just saw that Cashman comment about feigning interest in Crawford to drive the price up. Sounds like a Billy Beane move. K, as I noted on L’s blog “Moneyball” features a shot at Damon, kudos to Youk and a picturesque tour of Fenway. I’ll comment on the movie at my site but bottom line…it is worth seeing.

  4. FireDannyAinge

    I am really looking forward to your review. If it is positive red sox I want to see it. I’ll feel guilty for wasting my money if it is negative towards us.

    Did they cover the 2003 playoffs when we came back against Oakland?

    and I am dying to know why you dislike Damon even more:)

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