You know things are bad when……

You win the right to buy ALDS tickets and you are going shopping instead.

Yep I got the e-mail last night. I already had the day off. Sounds like destiny right?.. Destiny for heartache. I am not falling for it.

I know this team is capable of losing ten in a row only to turn it around and win 20 out of 30 but I just can’t bring myself to to do it.

I love you Red Sox and I want you to win and prove me wrong but I am keeping my money.

P.S.- I called my sister and asked her if she wanted to wait in the virtual waiting room. She was at last nights game. Guess what her answer was?

So I got home from shopping at 4 PM. Then I went and hung out with my niece and nephew until 7. When I finally got home I thought I would try my luck at the virtual waiting room. I got in there and there sat two standing room tickets. I passed. An extra 15 bucks to stand? hell no. Been there, done that so I tried to get other tickets. This was for game 4 mind you. No other tickets were to be had. Just the two standing room tickets waiting patiently for me.

It felt like destiny. I was meant to have those tickets for that game. Now destiny means destined for something. Most people think your destiny is a good thing. That doesn’t work in my case. I am usually destined for heartbreak. With the exception of the legacy of Derek Lowe I have only bad luck. 9His Boston destiny ended in a curse breaking world series. He will now be remembered for that)

So now that I don’t have the game 4 tickets we should be clinching the series during that game. If I had bought the tickets it would have been a sure loss. I guess that means I have saved the Red Sox from despair. Until the ALCS anyway.

A few years ago I actually had seats to TWO ALCS games. My sister and my friend won the right to buy so I was going to not just one game but two. We never made it that far.



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5 responses to “You know things are bad when……

  1. I would do it! I would do it! Curses! Distance!

  2. I can understand your frustration and wanting to holster your funds if only as a sort of protest they are teasing their fans this way. It’s not like you won’t watch them once they make the post-season…just registering a “vote” for playing better ball down the stretch to get there.

  3. No. It’s okay, guys. It’s okay. We’re going to win tomorrow. I’ve decided.

  4. I just sent a love note to Red Sox Nation via a post. No fear. Sportsattitudes is here.

  5. FireDannyAinge

    It was a protest but I also had some crappy games this year and it felt like I was meant to be there. That can’t be good.

    I am on my way to update the blog and tell you why.

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