I guess I really do root for the shirt.

I really am not a fan of Tim Wakefield. I never have been but that didn’t stop me from crying in 2003 when I saw him so upset.I never EVER blamed him for that. I blamed Pedro for 5 seconds then Grady Little for pulling a TERRY F’IN FRANCONA 8 years before Francona.

Tonight I am SO DAMN PISSED I can’t even sit in this chair.

They blew this well earned win for Wakefield and tomorrow they won’t even care.


I am so done. DONE.

What a waste. On the 13th I am booing this whole fin team.

I don’t even blame Daniel Bard. He is allowed to have bad nights but Francona leaving him in is just bad managing.

You people owe Wakefield a FIN WIN.



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5 responses to “I guess I really do root for the shirt.

  1. i have been listening to angsty music all day at work. i am so upset. i need at least 24 hours before i can handle this rationally.
    i think i can watch the game later. i don’t know if i will. i don’t know. probably. andrew miller. sighhhhhhhh

  2. FireDannyAinge

    It was a big topic of conversation at work. EVERYONE feeling the same way we do about THEM screwing this for Wakefield.

  3. i wish it was a topic of conversation at my office. they won’t shut up about the republican debate. which. um. i was supposed to watch. fortunately, youtube and mainstream media had me covered. wish i HAD watched it.

  4. All political parties are rooting for TIMMY!

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