The first, David Ortiz.

I bet you didn’t know David Ortiz existed before David Ortiz. Okay so the old Ortiz didn’t end a curse all on his own but the lovable big guy that worked his ass off, that Big papi existed before Big papi and his name was Mo Vaughn.

Real fans remember Mo. Not the crap the Boston media put out about Mo going to strip clubs on his nights off but the Mo that got the big hit when we needed it.

Mo along with John Valentin were in town tonight to raise money for the Jimmy fund. They also through out the first pitch. Both got huge ovations. See Johnny Damon, Boston appreciates the players we should appreciate. The Mo Vaughns of the world. the real red sox that still consider themselves ours, 15 years after they played here. AKA, not you:)

p.s.- I know Mo left for Anaheim and took the money but he was right to do so. He put up the numbers and deserved to be paid. He didn’t show up for one game after going 3-29.


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